How to register and log in with a Google account?

To register

1) Go to the account creation section on our Member Site or click here

2) Once there, click on “Continue with Google. You will be shown a list of your Google-created email addresses. You can choose one of them to create your account, or you can also use another account; in this case, you will have to enter it manually

3) Click “Continue” to accept Google’s terms

4) Finally, you will be asked to create a password for your My Family Cinema account. This password is what you will use to log in to the app. Remember it!

5) Done!

Keep in mind that you can log in conventionally from our Member Site using the password you created specifically for My Family Cinema, or you can log in by clicking “Continue with Google” to have the system log you into your account directly without needing to enter your password

The password created here is also what you will need to use to log in within the app


To log in

You can do it through Google with your Gmail email, regardless of whether you created a My Family Cinema account using this method or not

1) Go to the login section on our Member Site or click here

2) Select the option “Continue with Google”

3) Choose your account from the list or click “Use another account” if it is not listed there. . In the latter case, you will need to enter your Gmail password

4) Click continue to accept Google’s terms

5) Done!

Keep in mind that you will have two passwords. One is the one you used to create your Gmail/Google account, and the other is the one you created for My Family Cinema. To log in within our app or on our Member Site using the conventional login method, you should use the latter