Log in

Open the MFC APP on your device and complete the required login information depending on the type of account you have:


Enter your registered email address or phone number and password. Remember that you can create an MFC account on our official website or app.

Sign in with a Google account

You can do it through Google with your Gmail email, regardless of whether you created a My Family Cinema account using this method or not

1)Go to the login section on our Member Site or click here https://membersiteorange.com/login

2)Select the option “Continue with Google”

3)Choose your account from the list or click “Use another account” if it is not listed there. In the latter case, you will need to enter your Gmail password

4)Click continue to accept Google’s terms


Keep in mind that you will have two passwords. One is the one you used to create your Gmail/Google account, and the other is the one you created for My Family Cinema. To log in within our app or on our Member Site using the conventional login method, you should use the latter



Enter the 10-digit numerical account and 8-digit numerical password you received from your reseller. My Family Cinema has NO access to external resellers codes. If you have any problem with your account card, get in touch with the reseller or supplier you purchased the product from.

¡Important! Do not mistake an account card with a recharge code. The latter is a 16-digit numerical code also provided by resellers, but it is used to add more valid days of service to an MFC account registered on our official website.