Failed operations

How to proceed with a failed payment

If your payment failed, you can either try with a different browser or payment method, or use another email address on the payment detail page. If your payment is still not processed after testing these solutions, contact us.

How to proceed with a successful payment with unactivated plan

If you made a payment, but your plan has not been activated yet, make sure you are logging in to the same account you use to purchase the service. Inside the app, go to “My account” on your TV box or “Profile” on your smartphone to check your account information.

Now, if you are in the correct account, it is probable that the transaction is still being processed. Payments may take between 2 to 4 working days to clear. Afterwards, your plan will be activated automatically.

Meanwhile, we gift you a MY FAMILY PASS, so you can start enjoying the service right away. To access the benefit send us a clear image of your payment receipt through this form. Don’t forget to include your MFC account ID for easier confirmation.

How to proceed with a failed auto-renewal

If your MFC monthly plan is not automatically renewed, first access our official website and cancel the auto-renewal. Then, purchase the MFC monthly plan again manually. The automatic renewal will then be activated the following month. Or simply upgrade to a yearly plan and save more money. Check out all our plans here.