Failed operations

How to request a refund

As stated in our Terms of Use, plan fees are non-refundable, unless the service cannot be accessed on our account. In order to ask for a reimbursement due to an application problem, send us a picture of the issue with a description of what happened to offer you the necessary support and follow up your request.

How to cancel your auto-renewal subscription

If you are having any issues with MFC, you can always check our Help Center or contact our Customer Service team. If you still wish to cancel your auto-renewal, simply log in to your MFC account from our website and click on “Plans”. Under the description of your current plan, you will find the option to cancel your subscription.

How to proceed with a successful payment with unactivated plan

If your MFC monthly plan is not automatically renewed, first access our official website and cancel the auto-renewal. Then, purchase the MFC monthly plan again manually. The automatic renewal will then be activated the following month. Or simply upgrade to a yearly plan and save more money. Check out all our plans here.