The most famous creep is back and he is looking for you

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The most famous creep is back and he is looking for you


Netflix is releasing the third season of its famous and controversial series You this October 15th. After the shocking events of the previous season, nobody knows what to expect anymore, but one thing is for sure: we definitely want to see what parenthood will make of our psychotic antihero Joe Goldberg, portrayed once more by Penn Badgley, and his adorable but maniac girlfriend Love Quinn, impersonated by Victoria Pedretti.


With all the hype and expectation going on, we cannot help but wonder what it is that makes us so drawn to toxic relationships, those that create within each and every one of us a turmoil of emotions bordering on immorality. Is there something wrong with us? Absolutely not! It is a completely normal psychological response. Oftentimes what happens is that we feel relatable, and that is the main reason we enjoy watching these types of stories over and over.


There are some misconceptions about toxic relationships, though. On the one hand, when we talk about them, we tend to think about an emotionally malfunctioning romantic couple. However, they take place within any social environment, including friends, work colleagues and even family members. On the other hand, it is a general belief that sticking to a relationship like this is a matter of decision. This couldn’t be more wrong. These are relations that have a hold on ourselves and make us feel as if we are trapped inside of a room on fire without any emergency exit.


Well, enough of the therapy session! Let’s get down to what truly concerns us. In honor of the release of You’s latest season, My Family Cinema selected four iconic toxic relationships that you must watch before binge-watching the newest episodes of our creepiest neighbor.



Horrible Bosses (2011)



Bosses can be demanding and annoying, though employees may let them get their way once or twice for the sake of their jobs, but the three in this film push all the limits and don’t even feel a shade of guilt. A comical approach of how difficult it can be to deal with a superior and how wonderful it would be to end the suffering for good.


Broadcast: HBO MAX. Director: Seth Gordon. Cast: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell. Genre: Comedy, crime.




Run (2020)




The mother-daughter relationship is one of the strongest bonds there can ever be… or so it should. The tension in crescendo will keep you glued to the screen from beginning to end, but nothing can prepare you for its plot-twisted climax. Do not let appearances fool you. Sometimes, your worst nightmare can be living right next to you.


Broadcast: Hulu. Director: Aneesh Chaganty. Cast: Sarah Paulson, Kiera Allen, Sara Sohn. Genre: Mystery, thriller.





Sex/life (2021)



What is someone willing to do when overcome by desire? This is the story of a fulfilled woman with two beautiful children and the perfect husband who is suddenly reminded of a much wilder self buried long ago. It is an accurate portrayal of how much toxic behavior a woman is willing to let slide when in love with a broken and emotionally unavailable man.


Broadcast: Netflix. Cast: Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel, Adam Demos, Margaret Odette. Genre: Comedy, drama, romance.




Clickbait (2021)




This is the typical kidnap situation, but with a turn of events. After a family man is abducted, instead of ransom, the family receives an online video stating that he is an abuser and killer, and that after reaching five million views, he will die. A narrative that questions the power of conviction that social media has on society. In the end, is he innocent or guilty?


Broadcast: Netflix. Cast: Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, Phoenix Raei, Adrian Grenier. Genre: Crime, drama, mystery, thriller.




So, MyFamilier, which relationship do you love (or hate!) the most? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.



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