Where to watch the Fallout show: all the info here

All episodes of the new TV show Fallout are available. This story is an adaptation of a famous video game that was a phenomenon all over the world, so here at MFC, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

The TV shows and movies based on video games have shown that this type of adaptation is a great success at the box office and that, increasingly, audiences want to relive these stories on their screens. The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Last of Us series have been huge successes, so major production companies continue to bring these kinds of game-based narratives back to life.

Now it’s Fallout’s time, an adaptation of the video game saga that had its eight episodes recently released. In case you’re wondering where to watch the Fallout series, what’s it about, and how long it will last, don’t worry! We got you covered here at My Family Cinema, and we’ll give you all the information needed for you to prepare for the apocalypse.

Where can I watch the Fallout series?

The eight episodes of Fallout are available at Prime Video and the famous platform you all know. Each episode is an hour long, and all of them are available in their entirety, as they make up the first season of a series that promises to deliver many more.

Fallout’s poster

What is the fallout TV show about?

Fallout tells the story of the Earth two hundred years after a war that caused a nuclear apocalypse. The series introduces us to a large community of people living in luxurious bunkers underground to shield themselves from the radiation outside.

We are introduced to the protagonist, Lucy, an adventurer who gets out of her comfort zone in the bunker to explore the outside world. On her journey, she will encounter many adversities, such as never-before-seen creatures, people who have lived in radiation for years, and even The Ghoul, a bounty hunter who will try to kill her.

The Ghoul in Fallout

Soon, we are also introduced to the other protagonist, Maximus, a soldier from the outside who will do everything in his power to annihilate the rebels.

Fallout showcases all the aspects we enjoyed in the video game, from the extravagant fauna of the outside world to the quiet life underground. Besides, it features plenty of action and some moments of sharp comedy, characteristic of these installments.

The return of the X-Men

Who are the creators of Fallout?

Jonathan Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother) and Lisa Joy, the creators of Westworld, are the executive producers of the Fallout series. The first three episodes were also directed by Nolan, so you can expect a high cinematic level on your screen. The creators also confirmed that they aim to be as faithful to the games as possible and that there’s a great story planned for the future.

Scene from Fallout

Recommendations for other video game adaptations

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The Last of Us poster


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What about you, MyFamilier? What is your favorite video game adaptation? Let us know in the comments!




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