The return of the X-Men: Everything you need to know about X-Men ‘97

On March 20th, the X-Men returned to the screen with a new animated series, X-Men '97. The last time mutants were seen on screen was during the 90s, in the original animated series, which ran for five seasons with a total of and 65 episodes, and the last episode ends with Professor X traveling to outer space in search of a cure.

Since the original animated series ended with a sort of cliffhanger, in which the mutants had to ally with Magneto as Professor X traveled to the Shi’Ar Empire in search of a cure for his illness, fans all around the world are eager to know whether this new series will pick up the story from this point onwards or not. To find out the answer, there’s no other option than to watch the show, however, we can consider some points to see if we can guess!

For now, what we know is that the new leader of the school will be Magneto and the X-Men’s enemy will be Mr. Sinister.

Picture of X-Men 97

Among the iconic characters of this new installment of the saga, we will find Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Bishop, and Magneto, among others.

Some of these characters will undergo certain changes, for instance, we already know that Morph, who was previously presented as a male character with shape-shifting abilities, will now be introduced as non-binary person, showing us that there has been a change in the world of the X-Men.

Morph in X-Men ‘97

Another known fact is that the original voice actors will reprise their roles, but new voices will also be incorporated such as those of Jennifer Hale, Anniwaa Buachie, Ray Chase, Matthew Waterson, JP Karliak, among others.

Watch the trailer here

The original 90s series stood out as a pioneer in the superhero animated genre, as it addressed adult themes and developed complex stories for each of its characters. At the same time, great successes like Batman: The Animated Series and Spider-Man premiered. However, X-Men was the one that marked the beginning of a new era.

 Marvel’s X-Men comic

What’s great news for the X-Men fans is that Marvel is not only committed to maintaining the essence of this legendary saga, but also promised to ensure that the plot continues to captivate the audience.

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