Everything you need to know about Berlin, the prequel series to Money Heist

Berlin, the prequel to Money Heist, has just premiered! That's why MFC brings you everything you need to know to catch up with this new series from the universe created by Álex Pina.

After Money Heist gained worldwide recognition, Netflix betted on expanding the universe created by Álex Pina, and thus launched Berlin, the prequel to the series that has just premiered today. This new story follows the adventures of this beloved character before the events surrounding the heist to the Royal Mint of Spain.

Still of Pedro Alonso in Berlin

Before you start watching the series, MFC brings you everything you need to know about this prequel so you can enjoy all the aspects of Berlin without missing out on any detail.

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What is Berlin, the spin-off of Money Heist, about?

This new series is made up of eight chapters which follow Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, planning a new heist in the city of Paris. This time, he’ll gather a group of thieves to plan a heist of over 44 million euros worth of jewelry belonging to the richest families in France.

Unfortunately, the masterplan that seemed to be smooth sailing gets compromised when Berlin, captured by his passion and energy, falls in love with the wife of one of the victims of his robbery. Nonetheless, the strategist won’t let that prevent him from continuing with his mission, so he will resort to his great intellect to achieve success.

Still of Pedro Alonso in Berlin

The series won’t lack laughter, strategies, and action, since the producers promised that the episodes will have a combination of all these aspects, making the story somewhat lighter than that of Money Heist.

What about the characters in Berlin

In this prequel from the Money Heist universe, we’ll see many new characters with different personalities and expertise. First of all, Pedro Alonso is not Berlin yet, he’s Andrés de Fonollosa, the leader of the band. On the other hand, the actor Tristán Ulloa plays Damián, a friend from Berlin who, despite having a common past, is very different from him.

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We also find many other characters, like Keila, a computer nerd; Cameron, a detached young lady who lives life to the limit; Roi, who pretends to be Berlin’s alter ego from his youth; and Bruce, who always makes the most out of every situation.

Poster for Berlin

In any case, not only will we meet new characters, but we’ll see many others already known, such as the detectives Raquel and Alicia who, unlike what happens in Money Heist, will work together to stop the plans of the gang of thieves. The rest of the possible returns are yet to be confirmed, but there’s a high chance that Álvaro Morte will return as the Professor to the delight of fans.

Alicia and Raquel in Berlín

A change of style for Berlin

In a recent interview, Berlin’s producers confirmed that there’ll be significant changes in the tone and style of the series compared to those of Money Heist.

There’ll be robberies that, this time, will be closer to illusionism. Berlin is the David Copperfield of heists. We came from working on very dark projects, and we wanted to do something lighter. We’ve been working with a hostile narrative, and we decided to turn to a more comic, light-spirited and rom-com oriented one”.

still from berlin

This means that the scenes in the new Berlin series will be more comedy oriented, with a lighter tone and comical situations, without leaving behind the intelligence and strategy inherent to the heist theme.

Now is your turn, MyFamilier, let us know in the comments if you’re eager to see Berlin and if you enjoyed it just as much as Money Heist.



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