Money Heist: Which will be the fate of the couples that stole our hearts?

The fifth installment of Money Heist (2017) is, without a doubt, one of the most awaited September releases. Its creator, Álex Pina, defined this finale as...

Money Heist


Money Heist: Which will be the fate of the couples that stole our hearts?


Spoiler alert!


The fifth installment of Money Heist (2017) is, without a doubt, one of the most awaited September releases. Premiered on September 3rd worldwide, this first volume is made up of five episodes, while the remaining five episodes are expected for this same year, December 3rd.


Attention, real spoiler coming!


Fun fact! Netflix also released a documentary named Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin (2021) where we can learn about the shooting of this last season and see characters, such as Tokyo and the Professor, telling their experience about the creative and emotional process required in wrapping up an era.


This is it… Don’t say we did not warn you!


Its creator, Álex Pina, also renowned for Sky Rojo (2021), defined this finale as the last journey of the characters’ emotional map “that connects directly with the definite farewell”. Something about this can be already glimpsed in volume 1, which has left us broken hearted after Tokyo’s death, but not before unfolding the story of her first love.


After such unexpected news, MFC decided to revive both the best and still unsolved Money Heist love stories.


Tokyo and René


Money Heist


When Tokyo understood that in robberies, love multipliesand that it is not possible to tell apart adrenaline from love, she met the one who would be the love of her life… René. This flashback connects us with the very first minutes of the series, back when we witnessed Tokyo becoming a killer, as one of the bank employees they were robbing kills René.


Furthermore, the samurai snow globe René gave to her makes a new appearance. Even though that took place a long time ago, this object is key at the beginning of the series and Tokyo shows it when explaining that she feels almost dead after the loss of her partner.


Tokyo and Rio


Money Heist


Tokyo and Rio are one of the favorite couples because they transformed the gender roles associated with action and adventure movies and series. Both fall in love deeply, but after Tokyo risks everything to set Rio free, he breaks up with her.

In the last episode of volume 1, we see Tokyo telling him “Don’t be so sad. Something ends today… But now is the first day of your next life”. And just like that, she says goodbye with Jarana: thinking of a happy memory as Nairobi always advised.


Tatiana and Berlin


Money Heist


In this fifth installment, we can see some scenes from that past that reveal the marriage between Berlin and Tatiana, a talented pianist and fellow thief. However, it is never explained why they separated. Without a doubt, this is a mystery that hangs among the fans of the series.


What we can be certain about is that Tatiana is one of the few people that knew the heist to the Bank of Spain plan. Is she an ally? Or is she a potential threat to the band that is currently planning its escape? We will learn that soon enough…


The Professor and Lisboa


Money Heist


Their romance has been a key element of the series since the moment Lisboa was assigned inspector of the case. At the beginning of the third season we can see them living together on an island with Lisboa’s mother and daughter. In spite of their commitment, some fans expect them to settle down and get married. Will they be able to?


Stockholm and Denver


Money Heist


The couple met when Stockholm was still known as Mónica Gaztambide and was being held hostage at the Royal Mint. Their love gained fame due to the Stockholm syndrome. After falling for her captor, she decides to join the band and raise her son with Denver. For his part, Arturo, biological father of the child, decides to get revenge and starts an intense and heated conversation with Denver in which he plays with his moral and unleashes the worst possible outcome. Can you guess what it is?


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