Love is Blind: Does this experiment really work?

Love is Blind, the 2020 reality show about blind dates that’s been a massive success worldwide already has six seasons and many adaptations in different countries such as Japan, Brazil, and Sweden among others. So, what is this reality show about? The goal is simple: find true love. Participants go through a series of blind dates until they find who they believe might be their better half. Once they’ve made up their minds, they first get engaged and then get to meet each other face to face.

Is Love Blind?

In the first instance of this reality show, participants have ten days to get to know each other on a series of speed blind dates. If there is a match, they’ll meet again the next day in the “pods”, which are small rooms separated by a wall where the potential couples get to have a more intimate conversation, still without seeing their faces. What’s interesting about this is that we witness how they get to know each other and develop a bond in the process. The idea is to cover various topics, such as religion, sexuality and even more intimate ones regarding their private lives that are unlikely to be addressed with such ease on a common date as it is done here.

Will you marry me?

This next instance is quite fun and exciting. After many dates, couples that’ve made up their minds get engaged and then, finally, get to meet each other in person. This can usually go in two different ways: on the one hand, there’s disappointment in their crush’s physical appearance not meeting their expectations; and on the other hand, there’s love at first sight for those who don’t really care at all about what the other person looks like. Yet, there is a third alternative: indecisiveness. Some participants remain in the pods instance for a while longer, trying to figure out who to get engaged with since they have more than one connection.

 A scene from Love is Blind


This instance of the reality show depicts the daily lives of the couples that got engaged. Here it all seems to be just fine, since they travel to a paradise destination to share a beautiful honeymoon. Some couples continue talking and delving into the details of their lives, others prefer to share more intimate moments.

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Not everything is peaches and cream

After the honeymoon, couples move in together and start meeting their respective friends and family. Friction arises as they get to know each other in more depth, and, to give the show a little bit of extra spice, couples get to meet with the others, which breaks out controversies since some newly engaged participants who had had other connections finally get to meet them in person.

Couples meeting in Love is Blind Brazil

Down the aisle

At last, couples have to decide whether to get married or not, but this decision is not taken in a typical way over a serious conversion with their intimates, instead they walk down the aisle with their friends and family as witnesses and then give their answers. For some, this might be the happiest moment of their lives, but that’s not everybody’s case. Some burst out their “yes, I do” with certainty, but others get shocked by indecisiveness or a negative response.

Well then, how does everything go from there? Some couples remained together, formed a family and lived their happy ending. Others do not last that long and have a fleeting marriage. However, that’s not all, folks, since some of those who turned down their initial connection ended up dating other participants with whom they had only shared a couple of blind dates in the pods.

 Still from Love is Blind Season 1

We believe that this experiment might work in some cases, but that it can also go terribly in others. Anyways, at the end of the day, we’ll always root for true love to win. So, what do you think, MyFamilier? Do you believe that love can actually be blind? Let us know in the comments!



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