The best movies to binge-watch on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that's why at MFC, we want to recommend the best movies to binge on a romantic date with the love of your life. Don't worry, if you haven't found your better half yet, you'll love these recommendations anyway!

Valentine’s Day is a special day to spend with loved ones, whether it’s your partner, your friends, or even your family. Many people opt to go for a meal or a moonlit walk in a park. But if you and your partner aren’t outdoorsy, no worries, we got your back! At MFC, we bring you a list of movies that will guarantee you a night of romantic entertainment with the people you love the most.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t found love yet, or just want to spend Valentine’s Day with your favorite person: you, you’ll find these movies delightful anyway. Remember that the most important thing is to love yourself.

No Hard Feelings

We begin our list of recommendations with a comedy that will undoubtedly make you laugh a thousand times. No Hard Feelings tells the story of Maddie, an unemployed woman who is about to lose her house. As luck would have it, she finds an ad for helicopter parents looking for a person to make their introverted nineteen-year-old son more sociable before he enters college. Excited about the opportunity, Maddie heads to an interview with these parents and discovers that not only do they want her to make their son more social, but they want her to make him fall in love and sleep with him.

Jennifer Lawrence returns to Hollywood in a facet we have never seen from her before: comedy. Surprisingly, the actress meets all the standards of humor very well and gives us a romantic comedy worthy of enjoying as a couple.

Past Lives

Here, we took a wild turn and switched genres drastically to recommend a Korean romantic drama. Past Lives tells the story of Na Young and Hae Sung, childhood sweethearts who get separated when Na Young’s family moves to Canada. After reconnecting over the Internet, they reunite in New York nearly twenty years later and struggle to confront their unresolved feelings.

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This emotional film explores themes of love and cultural identity and invites reflection on the choices that shape our lives. Produced by A24, this romance has been nominated at the 2024 Oscar Awards for Best Picture; another great reason to watch it.

Your Name

This list of romantic movies is pretty varied, so buckle up your seatbelt as we take another turn as we recommend a romantic anime movie that will move you to tears.

Your name introduces us to Mitsuha and Taki, two Japanese students with very different lives who mysteriously exchange bodies. As they try to adjust to their “new” lives, they try to figure out the reason why they found themselves in such a pickle. However, without realizing it, they begin to develop a bond that transcends time and space.

Your Name is a Japanese film full of romance and tender moments. We must highlight the level of animation in this title, it portrays incredible landscapes that will make you want to be there with your other half.


We take a U-turn as we must now recommend an Oscar nominee for Best Picture. Maestro, directed and starred by Bradley Cooper, chronicles the life of iconic composer Leonard Bernstein. This biographical drama could qualify as a romantic film, as it focuses on his lifelong relationship with his partner Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan.

The on-screen chemistry between Mulligan and Cooper traces a journey marked by artistic excellence and complicated secrets, while letting the music speak for itself in this masterpiece about surrender to life and art.

Notably, this film earned Bradley Cooper two other nominations: Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Original Screenplay; in addition to the Best Picture nomination.

Anyone But You

We decided to close this list with another comedy to end Valentine’s Day in the best possible way. Anyone But You, a recent release that swept the box office, tells the story of Bea and Ben. They have a date that went perfectly fine, but due to several mix ups, they both end up hating each other. As time goes by, they discover that they have two friends in common who are getting married in Australia. They will have to put aside their differences in order not to ruin the wedding of their loved ones. As if that weren’t enough, for some godforsaken reason, they must also pretend to be a couple.

A hilarious comedy starring Sydney Sweeney in a role that was made for her, as she fully understands the comedy genre, clearly shown in the way she delivers some very amusing moments. Also, her co-star, Glen Powell, is no slouch, as he delivers humor and, along with Sweeney, brings about some very hot scenes that’ll leave you sweaty.

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  1. basket random

    The mix of comedic misunderstandings and the necessity of putting aside their differences for the sake of their mutual friends’ wedding adds an intriguing layer to the story. It’s always enjoyable to see how characters navigate these kinds of predicaments and develop unexpected connections along the way.


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