Advanced settings

How to create and manage cloud packages

To create a cloud package, go to  and log in with the default account. Click on “Advanced” to unfold all the options and customize your package. Then, proceed to write your email address or cloud account and password. Bear in mind that you can add multiple accounts at the same time. Finally, click on “Generate and download” to download the package.

After creating a cloud package, a confidential key will be automatically generated. Make sure to download and keep it safe. To manage your package, click on “Edit” on the main page and type in the confidential key. Afterwards, you will be able to edit any information about the package as well as add or remove accounts. Finally, click on “Update” to publish the new cloud package. Users using your cloud package will automatically have access to the changes.

How to rename your cloud media files

To rename the files on your cloud, first you need to create a new folder in the cloud root directory and name it “MFC”. Move all your media files or index files into this folder. Subfolders are accepted too. We recommend MP4 format files with 720p, 1080p and 1500kpbs resolutions for a better online streaming experience.


Rename all your media files according to the rules stated below. If you have any doubt with terminology, check the following glossary.





The movie Jurassic World has two language tracks. The correct file name is:



TV shows



The Game of Thrones fourth episode of the seventh season has three language tracks. The correct file name is:



Create a .mmr extended file to match your cloud media files with the IMDb tt number. This method is used in order to avoid changing media file names. The MMR file will contain the URL address of the video. MFC will look into the MMR file to find the URL to play it. To add a comment, start the sentence with the “#” symbol. Save the file with the IMDb tt number and write down the URL address in this file.


The URL address of the file “tt4525270_Stormageddon_2015_.mp4”, saved in the MFC folder of the Mega cloud account is the following:!apN03DIA!mWvjy88bIKi6LXckkRsXtrMF-bNgvz5X9d9Sg0GzQWI

Thus, the MMR file will appear as follows:


How to edit MP4 files that cannot be played

In order to do this, you will have to use two external files:

  • MP4info.exe
  • MP4info.exe


First of all, you have to confirm the position of the folders “moov” and “mdat” in the MP4 file. . To do so, run MP4info.exe and click on the button “open” to choose your file. If “moov” comes after “mdat”, you will have to change the order of the folders for MFC to play the file normally. For this, you will need to use MP4Box.exe.

How to use MP4Box.exe

  1. Coloca MP4Box.exe dentro de una carpeta de la PC.
  2. Place MP4Box.exe inside a folder in your PC.
  3. Run Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe).

Execute the following code: “route of the tool”\MP4Box.exe -isma “route of the video”\“full name of the mp4 file”.mp4


After executing the code, the original file will be replaced and saved. You can use MP4info.exe again to check that the order has changed. Now you can upload the video file to your cloud and test it on MFC.