Zack Snyder will finish his version of Justice League – Coming Soon

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Zack Snyder Justice League


Zack Snyder will finish his version of Justice League


Coming Soon


Zack Snyder returns to the DC Extended Universe to finish his version of Justice League, where we will be able to see a different movie than the one released in 2017. Recognized for his dark filmic adaptations of comic books such as 300 (2007) and Watchmen (2009), Snyder was in charge of directing the most important films in the DC cinematographic universe.


Snyder‘s story with DC began in 2013 with the release of Man of Steel, the first Superman movie since 2006. Then came Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), a film that received harsh criticism for its script, dividing superheroes fans. Finally, Snyder took on the great responsibility of directing Justice League, the fifth film in the DC Extended Universe and the first film adaptation of the most popular superhero group in comics.



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Justice League filming began in April 2016 and ended in October of the same year, but Snyder had to abandon the project in May 2017 after his daughter’s death. The production was left to director Joss Whedon, recognized for directing Avengers (2012), who made significant changes to the script, did several reshoots and changed the humor of the film to a more familiar one, similar to that of the Marvel movies. Due to the huge rupture in the narrative and style, the film was not well received by the public, resulting in a box office failure and ending up to be considered one of the worst superhero movies to date.


Three years later and after an overwhelming internet campaign, Zack Snyder gets down to work to finish his version of Justice League. The new film will be released in 2021 under the title Zack Snyder’s Justice League through the streaming platform HBO Max, will have a final duration of three and a half hours and will include plots and characters that did not appear in the first version, such as the inclusion of the villain Darkseid.


This is the first time that a major film franchise has produced an alternative version of one of its canonical films. Only time will tell if the original failure of the Justice League was due to Whedon‘s changes or if it was thanks to the haste with which the DC Extended Universe was developed in the first place.



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