The new Spawn movie – Coming Soon

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The new Spawn movie


Coming Soon



A new movie about Spawn, one of the darkest characters in the world of comics, is being developed. Officially announced in 2017, it was confirmed that the reboot of this franchise will be completely different from any current superhero movie.


The film will be written and directed by the original creator of the character, Todd McFarlane, who has been in charge of publishing the comic since 1992.


Spawn will be played by Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, who won’t have any lines of dialogue throughout the film. The story will star Jeremy Renner in the role of Detective Twitch Williams, who will guide the viewers into the terrifying world of Spawn.


Spawn‘s new installment, which will be with an rated-R, will be a supernatural horror movie that will be inspired in the classic Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975), as Spawn‘s character will be a hidden threat that Detective Twitch Williams will seek to take care of.


Although it still has no release date, the film is expected to be ready by 2020. Hopefully this new movie will correct the mistakes of Spawn (Mark A.Z. Dippé, 1997), the character’s first film adaptation, which was a box office failure.



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