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The King (2019) is a recent Netflix movie starring Timothée Chalamet that depicts the rise of King Henry V to greatness. In MFC Review we discuss our thoughts on the movie.
The King

The King


MFC Review


The King (2019) is a recent Netflix movie starring Timothée Chalamet, one of the most promising young actors of today. It was directed by David Michôd and features the performances of Joel Edgerton, Lily-Rose Depp and Robert Pattinson, among others.


The film depicts the life of King Henry V of England and the events that led him to greatness. Although the plot is inspired by real historical events, The King is based on the latest in a compendium of historical fiction plays written by English playwright William Shakespeare, known as the Lancaster tetralogy.

The great performance of Timothée Chalamet as Henry V effectively shows the internal conflict of the character, who is affected by the responsibility, loneliness and distrust of the leadership of a nation during a war. Likewise, Robert Pattinson once again shows his versatility as an actor, playing a proud and arrogant Louis, Dauphin of France.

The King shows an effective portrait of the chaotic medieval battlefield with its representation of the Battle of Agincourt, a key encounter in the Hundred Years’ War and one of the events in the film that most closely matches official history. Wide shots of the landscape and intimate approaches to the faces of the actors make up the beautiful film’s cinematography by Adam Arkapaw, also responsible for the cinematography of True Detective’s first season and Macbeth (Justin Kurzel, 2015), resulting in a beautiful movie with an impeccable pacing.

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