The best thrillers in k-dramas: Vol. 2

MFC Dorama is back with the best thrillers in k-drama! And it’s time for our beloved living-dead. Zombies have always been a favorite theme for horror movies and TV shows, but nowadays the genre is especially peaking, thanks to the hype of The Walking Dead saga.



The best thrillers in k-dramas: Vol. 2



Hello, hello, hello! Are you ready for more terrifying things?



MFC Dorama is back with the best thrillers in k-drama! And it’s time for our beloved living-dead. Zombies have always been a favorite theme for horror movies and TV shows, but nowadays the genre is especially peaking, thanks to the hype of The Walking Dead saga. But they go way back. Their storylines are not always the same, some mysteriously appear to chase down human brains, others are created by artificial, natural viruses or even by alien substances. Whatever backstory zombies might have, they are always fascinating.



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We know that there are thousands of zombie productions, mostly bad ones, but yet we still enjoy watching anything related to the living-dead walking around while the remaining humans struggle to survive. One thing we can assure, the visual effects are only getting better. Well, it depends on the budget…



On that note, My Family Cinema has selected a few Korean zombies productions that you must watch. Those who are really into this kind of thing probably have their own Apocalypse Zombie Survival Guide —if you don’t, you can always begin one right now!— so let’s see if you could survive in one of the followings fictions:





Kingdom (2019)


With two seasons and a third on its way, this award-winning zombie series tells the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang during the Joseon period, around 1590s, who is investigating a political conspiracy that involves his father, the King. Things are sensitive and hard as they are and only get worse when a mysterious plague sprouts killing hundreds and creating a turmoil around the kingdom. But the worst is yet to come as the dead rise as blood-thirsty monsters.


Director: Kim Sung-hoon. Cast: Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona, Jun Ji-hyun, Ryu Seung-ryong, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Sung-kyu and Kim Hye-jun. Genre: Historical period, political drama, horror, thriller.










Dark Hole (2021)


A mixture of vengeance and sci-fi, this TV show is about Lee Hwa-Sun, a detective from Seoul, who receives a strange call from her husband’s murderer urging her to come and catch him in the city of Mujishi. However, the city has become a complete chaos after its residents were exposed to a dark smoke that turned them into mutants with black blood and a desire for human flesh. With the help of a local ex-detective, Lee Hwa-Sun fights her way to catch the killer and help everyone she can.


Director: Kim Bong Joo. Cast: Kim Ok Bin, Lee Joon Hyuk, Park Keun Rok, Oh Yu Jin, Song Sang Eun, Im Won Hee. Genre: Suspense, mystery, sci-fi.











Sweet Home (2020)


Not exactly zombies, but humankind has turned into monsters and no one knows why. The only thing certain is that everybody is in danger and these monsters have special powers. Now, the tenants of an apartment complex must team up to keep their home safe while trying to survive and understand what is happening in this somewhat apocalypse.



Diretor: Lee Eung Bok Elenco: Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee, Go Min Si, Park Gyu Young, Go Yoon Jung. Gênero: Terror, thriller.












Zombie Detective (2019)


With a bit of comedy, Moo Young doesn’t know what happened to him. The only thing he knows for sure is that he was human and now seems to have amnesia and some strange cravings. While trying to live as a mortal and to discover the truth, he takes over the identity of a private detective and hires an investigative journalist to help him solve cases. After all, he has to provide for himself.



Director: Shim Jae-hyun. Cast: Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Ju-hyun, Kim Yo-han, Tae Hang Ho, Lee Joong Ok, Park Dong Bin, Hwang Bo Ra, Kwon Hwa Woon. Genre: Mystery, comedy.













Train to Busan (2016)


One of the best zombie movies ever could not be left out. Seo Sok Woo is a workaholic who promises to take his daughter to another city, Busan. While on the train, he receives strange news about an infection exposure that is all over the capital, Seoul. During a train stop, he encounters the first living-dead and chaos takes hold of everything. The train is his only getaway from the monsters, but what he couldn’t imagine is that these horrible beings can also ride a train.


Director: Yeon Sang-ho. Cast: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Seok, Kim Su An, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, Ahn So Hee, Kim Eui Sung. Genre: Thriller, horror, drama.







These zombies will certainly send chills down your spine. So go make popcorn and call someone to binge-watch these thrilling k-dramas with you. It’s worth it.



And who knows, a Vol. 3 can be on its way… so let us know in the comments or on our social media what you would like for the third volume.





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