The best Pixar movies – MFC TOP 5

Pixar has marked entire generations with its films and it has still got many stories to tell. Enjoy at MFC our TOP 5 best Pixar movies.


The best Pixar movies


Since the release of its first movie, Pixar has become one of the most important animation studios in the film industry. Unlike the predominant releases in animated films, Pixar did not limit its films to a children’s audience, but developed valuable stories for the whole family, enjoyed by both kids and adults.

In addition to being awarded multiple times for the development of their own computer animation software, Pixar’s movies have been acclaimed all over the world and have marked entire generations thanks to their unique stories, where they explore and promote values ​​such as friendship, partnership and trust through charismatic characters and unprecedented animation techniques.

With the recent release of Toy Story 4 (2019) and the announcements of Onward (2020) and Soul (2020), we know that Pixar still has many stories to tell. That’s why at MFC we prepared a best Pixar movies list so you can enjoy the magic of its animation.

5. Monsters, Inc. (2001)


Directed by Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich and David Silverman, Monsters, Inc. tells the story of Sulley (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal), two monsters who work as scare professionals until they meet Boo, an adorable little girl who will change their lives forever.

Making use of the classic myth of the monster in the closet and exploring reinterpretations of fear, Pixar immerses us in a world full of monsters through a more realistic animation than in previous movies.

To make Monsters, Inc., Pixar was forced to significantly increase the power of its animation, thus obtaining its first Oscar nomination in the category of Best Animated Film.

4. Finding Nemo (2003)


Directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, Finding Nemo follows the underwater journey of the fish Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) in search of Nemo (Alexander Gould), Marlin‘s little son.

In addition to its great story and memorable characters, Finding Nemo addresses deeper issues such as fatherhood and disability, becoming the first Pixar movie to receive an Oscar for Best Animated Film and currently positioning itself as the sixth highest grossing animated film of history.

3. Inside Out (2015)


Inside Out was directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen, and introduces us to the incredible world of emotions through Joy (Amy Poehler) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith), who embark on a journey through the mind of an eleven-year-old girl to recover one of her most precious memories.

In this film, Pixar explores complex psychological issues and notions such as the adaptation to change and the value of emotions, translating them successfully into a friendly language for the little ones.

For its thematic achievements and great quality, Inside Out won awards such as the Golden Globe, the Critics’ Choice Awards, the Annie Award and the Oscar for Best Animated Film, as well as being included in the 2016 BBC list of the 100 best films of the 21st century.

2. The Incredibles (2004)


In The Incredibles we meet the Parrs, a family of superheroes who struggle to live a normal life in a society that rejects their differences. The movie won two Oscars for Best Sound Edition and Best Animated Film.

The movie was directed by Brad Bird, with the performances of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson, and a soundtrack by Oscar winner Michael Giacchino, who repeated his work for Pixar in Ratatouille (2008) and Up (2009).

The Incredibles deals with topics such as family dynamics, expectations of social normality and frustration with Pixar’s distinctive style. Also, The Incredibles was inspired by several classic superhero stories such as X-Men, The Fantastic Four and Watchmen, and ended up being considered one of the best films of the genre even by current standards.

1. Toy Story (1995)


Toy Story was Pixar‘s first feature film, as well as the first movie in film history to be entirely computer animated. It was directed by John Lasseter, who would later become chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios.


The movie tells the story of a group of toys, specially focused on Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a pair of rivals who end up becoming inseparable friends.

Toy Story has explored topics such as identity, friendship and the experience of growing up, accompanying an entire generation through its 4 films, each one appropriate to the growth stage of the children who, full of enthusiasm, were amazed by the first one in 1995.

Toy Story’s impact has been so important for the cinematographic world that in 1996 John Lasseter received a special Oscar for the advances of the film in the matter of animation, because the category of Best Animated Film was not created until 2002. The film was awarded with Oscars in the categories of Best Original Song and Best Soundtrack, as well as being nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

Each of the Toy Story films has deepened a little more in the themes of the first one, developing more and more its characters and being recognized as one of the most important franchises of Pixar and Disney.

Without any doubt, Toy Story is not only a great movie, but it has become a fundamental title in the history of cinema.



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