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A new Batman movie is on the way, this time with Robert Pattinson in the lead role. In MFC we discuss everything we know so far about this new version of the Dark Knight.



The Batman

The Batman

Coming Soon

The Batman is the title of the new Dark Knight film. Its production for Warner Bros. was initially in the hands of Ben Affleck. Four years later, the project is finally consolidated without the presence of the actor who watched it begin.

In 2015, Ben Affleck confirmed his participation in the new Batman film as its writer, director, producer and protagonist, continuing his role as the hero of Gotham City in the DC Extended Universe. Later, Affleck’s script was rewritten by Chris Terrio, one of the authors of the script of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), which, added to many development problems, led Affleck to leave his position as director and remain only as an actor, with Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 2014) taking the place of the new director of the movie.

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In 2018, after another revision of the script by the new director, Ben Affleck left the project completely. Matt Reeves, now director and writer of The Batman, worked on a third version of the script, this time focused on the character’s early years, so he already had in mind a younger actor for the role. In the new Reeves’s proposal, The Batman intends to work the genre that gave life to the character, highlighting his detective qualities through a noir aesthetic inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s style.

After a long season of speculation, it was in May of 2019 when it was finally announced that Robert Pattinson would play Bruce Wayne in The Batman and that the film will start shooting later this very year. Although the decision was unexpected for many, Robert Pattinson has successfully proved in films like The Lighthouse (2019) that his acting skills are not limited to what was previously shown in The Twilight Saga.

We hope for The Batman to be the beginning of good fortune for Warner Bros. and DC when the film hits the theaters in 2021.


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