The best Chadwick Boseman movies

The best Chadwick Boseman movies – MFC Playlist

On August 28th, Chadwick Boseman sadly passed away. As a way of saying the last goodbye, we created this MFC Playlist to remember Chadwick Boseman’s most iconic work.

Women's Month Superheroine Movies

Women’s Month: Superheroine Movies – MFC Playlist

Heroines take over the cinema and, with them, bring a new way of making action movies. At MFC we celebrate Women’s Month with a Playlist of superheroines.

Spider-Man Universe The Sinister Six Movie

Spider-Man Universe: The Sinister Six Movie – MFC Editorial

The long-expected Sinister Six movie is now possible thanks to Sony and its movie Morbius (2020). In MFC Editorial we explore the new Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.

The best movies based on comic books

The best movies based on comic books – MFC TOP 5

The movies based on superhero comic books are here to stay. In MFC we give you a TOP 5 of the most interesting titles of the genre.

new Marvel Universe series

The new Marvel Universe series – Coming Soon

Marvel Studios has announced three new Marvel Cinematic Universe series for Disney+. In MFC we tell you everything about them.