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The long-expected Sinister Six movie is now possible thanks to Sony and its movie Morbius (2020). In MFC Editorial we explore the new Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man Universe The Sinister Six Movie

Spider-Man Universe: The Sinister Six Movie

MFC Editorial

After Sony and Marvel reached a new agreement on Spider-Man‘s film rights, the future of the arachnid hero opens up to new possibilities. While Marvel Studios continues to build a cinematic universe in which Spider-Man has a leading role, Sony is developing its own through the most popular villains in the arachnid’s Rogues Gallery.

With the trailer-release of Morbius (2020), the new Sony movie starring Jared Leto, we can expect others movies about the fearsome team of villains known as the Sinister Six, whose members have varied over the years and its relation with MCU movies. To find out how we got here, in MFC Editorial we travel through the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe and how it will lead to a Sinister Six film.

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Backgrounds: Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man Universe The Sinister Six Movie

The first Spider-Man movie, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, was released in 2002 and paved the way for the superhero movie boom that characterized the past decade. Spider-Man had two sequels, Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007), which became box office successes and formed the first trilogy of Spidey’s films. Although never completed, Spider-Man 4 was planned as the most ambitious film in the Raimi saga, which would take the story to a new level and prepare the hero for major challenges in parts 5 and 6 of a new trilogy. The main villain of Spider-Man 4 was going to be the Vulture, played by John Malkovich, whose introduction would lead to the appearance of the Sinister Six in the future of the franchise.

Unfortunately, the film did not pass the pre-production stage in Sony’s calendar, so Sam Raimi chose to abandon the project and the studio carried out the reboot of the saga in which they were working since the Spider-Man 3 awful critical reception.

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Missed Opportunity: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Universe The Sinister Six Movie

The franchise was rebooted under the title The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield. The first installment was released in 2012 and presented numerous narrative differences in comparison to the previous saga, which includes a new sub-plot focused on Peter Parker‘s parents and the mystery surrounding their sudden disappearance.

A new opportunity to meet the evil team was presented in the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro. During the credits of the film they showed images of the villains that would be part of the Sinister Six rooster, including elements such as the Green Goblin glider, Rhino‘s armor, Doctor Octopus‘s mechanical tentacles and Vulture‘s wings, among others. Although Sony had plans for two more films in the series and a spin-off focused on the Sinister Six, the inclusion of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe changed the character’s future forever.

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Sony’s Spider-Man Universe: The Sinister Six

Spider-Man Universe The Sinister Six Movie

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spidey had a fresh reboot in the house that brought him to life. Sony and Marvel Studios reached an agreement to share the profits of the new films that included the character and, thanks to Marvel’s intervention, Spider-Man films in the MCU became the highest grossing titles in the Sony catalog.

On the other hand, in Sony they reformulated their strategy and began the construction of their own cinematic universe focused on Spidey‘s enemies. The first film of this new era was Venom (2018), directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy, which includes the popular villain Carnage during the final credits. Now, it has been confirmed that Sony films take place in the MCU thanks to the appearance of Vulture in the trailer of Morbius (2020), the new Sony film starring Jared Leto. Vulture was played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), the first Spidey’s film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which other villains such as Shocker and Scorpion also appear.

In addition to the above mentioned characters and Mysterio, the main villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), Spider-Man‘s Rogues Gallery will continue to grow in projects such as the upcoming Kraven The Hunter movie and the Venom sequel. The development of all these characters will lead to a Sinister Six movie, a project confirmed by Sony’s producer Amy Pascal, whose work is aiming to take Spider-Man into one of the best film events we will ever see in the character’s history.


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