Shhh… Did you hear that? The monsters are back!

If you grew up watching Monsters Inc., Oscar-winning animated film in 2002, we have great news for you. The production company premiered a whole new series! Now they make a debut with Monsters At Work

Monsters At Work

Shhh… Did you hear that? The monsters are back!

This year, Disney and Pixar’s most monstrous monsters return with the whole team, but that won’t be the case for the sweet little girl we all love.

Spoiler Alert

If you grew up watching Monsters Inc., Oscar-winning animated film in 2002, we have great news for you. The production company premiered a whole new series! After the first movie was released in 2001, Pixar and Disney decided to make Monsters University (2013). Now they make a debut with Monsters At Work, a 10-part series that premiered all over the world on July 7th 2021 through Disney+.

The series was created by Peter Docter, director of the two previous movies. He is also known for his work on Soul (2020), Inside Out (2015) and Toy Story (1995). For this particular project, Peter worked with producer Roberts Gannaway, famous for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006-2016).

What’s Monsters At Work about?

After the dramatic ending of the first movie, the company makes a substantial change. The scarers are not important anymore, the only thing that matters are laughs. In this series, we get to know Tylor Tuskmon (Ben Felman), a young monster that always dreamt of being the best scarer. After graduating top of his class in Monsters University, he gets the opportunity to work in Monsters Incorporated. There, he finds out that scaring children is no longer the main job. Tylor must now work with a group of misfits mechanics while trying to become a comedian. On his journey, we will meet other characters like Val Little (Mindy Kaling) and Fritz (Henry Winkler), which will make the series even more fun. All the well-known characters will make an appearance, except for Boo, owing to the fact that the producers decided to end her story with the first film.

To get ready to watch this new monstrous series, we have 10 fun facts about the Monsters Inc. saga that you probably don’t know.

1. The marker that registers the monsters’ score in Monster Inc. is filled with names from Pixar’s staff members.

2. There is a comic that is yet to be decided if it’s the continuation of the first movie. It’s called Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory, and it’s about how Randall survived, came back to Monstropolis and released Waternoose.

3.Boo’s real name is Mary.

4. In the Japanese restaurant Mike takes Celia on a date to, you can see a Chinese food box that appears in several Pixar movies. In A Bug’s Life (1998) it appears as the “Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis”.

5. In 2005, a sequel called Monsters Inc.: Lost in Scaradise was in the works. It was about Mike and Sully visiting the human world to surprise Boo, but they find out that she moved out. Sully then decides to look for her, while Mike tries to find the way to get back to Monstropolis. Sadly, due to some issues in Disney and Pixar, the project was cancelled. Five years later, in 2010, they announced that the sequel would be called Monsters University.

6. Monster University was the first Pixar movie to use Global Illumination, a technique that allows very complex and realistic lighting adjustments.

7. For Monster University, the animators did a thorough research on Harvard, Stanford and Barkley, to know more about student life, faculties, parties, classes and extracurricular activities.

Monsters Inc

8. The movie Monsters, Inc. begins with a scare simulation in which you can see a toy plane very similar to the one in Andy’s room and the one that Buzz uses to fly in Toy Story (1995).

9. The slow-motion sequence when the scarers enter the scare floor is a reference to Armageddon (1998).

10. In the door-machine controller there is button that says “Fizt”, that’s the name of the program used to automate the movements of Sulley’s fur.

What did you like about the series? Tell us in the comments. And, if you liked this article, check  “The best Pixar movies”.



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