Oscars Predictions 2024

The official announcement of this Oscars edition not only brought along some disappointments, such as the exclusion of Barbie in certain categories, but also great expectations: Oppenheimer could win 11 nominations and go down in history as the biggest winner; Billie Elish could break the record of being the youngest person to win 2 Oscars in the Best Original Song category, and Bradley Cooper could become the big reveal of the night thanks to his latest work in Maestro.

 Best Picture

Oppenheimer could undoubtedly become the winner in this category. The film starring Cillian Murphy has thirteen nominations in total and is expected to win eleven of them; means it would reach the record that so far only Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King achieved.

Oppenheimer cast photo

Something interesting within this category is that, for the first time, it includes two foreign films – Perfect Days (Japan) and The Zone of Interest (UK). In addition, there are three films that were directed by women: Barbie, Perfect Days and Anatomy of a Fall.

Best Actor

Even though one of the favorites is Cillian Murphy, Paul Giamatti might take us all by surprise with his outstanding performance in The Holdovers. This would be his second chance to win an Oscar, since in 2006 he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Cinderella Man.

Bradley Cooper did not come in short. He earned his fifth Best Actor nomination and, thanks to his work as director and producer in Maestro, earned another twelve nominations.

Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan in Maestro

Best Actress

Unfortunately, Margot Robbie was not included in the nominations for Best Actress. However, there are great performers competing for this award, such as Lily Gladstone for her performance in Killers of the Flower Moon. Something we would like to clarify is that she is not the first indigenous artist to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress since the native Mexican actress, Yalitza Aparicio, received the first nomination for her performance in Roma in 2018.

Another great candidate for this category, and who we believe will win, is Emma Stone for her role in Poor Things. Emma already had four nominations and won an Oscar a few years ago thanks to La La Land.

What does Ryan Gosling have to say about Margot Robbie’s Oscar steal?

Best Director

There are two milestones worth noting in this category. For instance, although Greta Gerwing was not nominated, there is still a woman who was. We are talking about Justine Triet, who directed Anatomy of a Fall. This is not a minor fact because, out of the 478 people who have been nominated over the years, only eight were women.

The other one is related to Martin Scorsese’s outstanding life work. He became the director with the most Oscar nominations in his lifetime. This is his tenth nomination, thus surpassing Steven Spielberg, who has nine.

The never-ending question is… Who will win? We think the winner could be Christopher Nolan, who also received nominations for Oppenheimer’s screenplay and production.

Christopher Nolan directing Cillian Murphy at Oppenheimer’s set

Best International Feature Film

This category hits close to home as we are rooting for the latest production from Spain and Uruguay, which is topping the list of possible winners. Yes, we are talking about the film Society of the Snow! Undoubtedly, this film is the favorite of Argentines, Uruguayans, and Chileans. However, there is one film that could be a worthy opponent and that’s the British hit The Zone of Interest which has six nominations for the European Film Awards and received three for the Golden Globes.

Society of the Snow premiere photo.

These are just some of the night’s headliners, but there are many films and artists dying to win the prized golden statuette. Stay tuned to see what happens on March 10th!

Now it’s your turn, MyFamilier, let us know in the comments what your predictions are and who do you think will sweep the awards. 


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    Wow, that’s interesting about Scorsese! Ten nominations is super impressive, and it’s definitely well-deserved.


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