New TV series based on the “Foundation” saga by Isaac Asimov – Coming Soon

A new TV series based on the Foundation saga of books by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov is on its way. At MFC we tell you everything you need to know about it.


New TV series based on the “Foundation” saga by Isaac Asimov

Coming Soon

Apple TV+ is preparing a new TV series based on Foundation, the most important book saga by American writer Isaac Asimov, whose science fiction works have been adapted to film several times in productions such as Bicentennial Man (Chris Columbus, 1999) and I, Robot (Alex Proyas, 2004).

The Foundation saga is made up of over 16 books that explore in arduous detail the evolution of humanity after the galactic conquest, as well as its political, economic and technological development over a thousand years. The show will be made by showrunner David Goyer, known for his work as a screenwriter on Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, and will feature performances by Lee Pace, Jared Harris, Cassian Bilton and Laura Birn, among others.

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The first season of the show will have 10 episodes that will faithfully and profoundly adapt the first book of the saga, and the production will be assisted by Robyn Asimov, daughter of Isaac Asimov and executive producer of the TV series. Foundation will premiere on the Apple TV+ streaming platform in 2021, when we will finally see if the TV series can live up to one of the most important works in the science fiction genre.


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