Nepo babies: The only way to fame?

The term that represents a big part of Hollywood is now on everyone's lips.

At the end of 2022, New York magazine published an article that took the world by storm. How a Nepo Baby Is Born encouraged readers to google whether their favorite Hollywood star was talented or just very lucky. But, what is actually a nepo baby? Well, to fully understand the concept we first have to define “nepotism”, which means “the use of power or influence to get good jobs for your family or friends”. So, basically, nepo babies are those who have connections, really good and influential connections… like a very famous parent. 

Thanks to this extensive, and why not also a bit harsh, article, people found out that Hollywood has an invisible network of family ties that help and give an advantage to celebrities’ children, proving that the system is not completely meritocratic (oh what a huge surprise, nobody expected it 🙄). And this news unleashed the fury of many…

Can we actually judge a celebrity’s career based on who their relatives are? Does that make them less worthy of their accomplishments? The truth is that they do have a huge advantage, but many nepo babies neglect this and think it’s ludicrous. And THAT is what makes people angry: the fact that they are oblivious to the idea that they do have way more opportunities than a simple person with a dream to make it big in Hollywood because they have someone near that can help them in their path to success. That’s neither good nor bad, it’s just reality, and there is no doubt that, now more than ever, nepo babies are thriving.

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you use all the cards available to you to do what you love? Can we really blame nepo babies for using them? No, not really. When you are raised in between film sets, award shows and talk shows, you are likely to have a deeper knowledge on how to make it big. And, let’s face it, many children follow their parents footsteps, no matter the trade, and nepotism exists in businesses that have a more relative impact on society than Hollywood, like politics or industrial production. But the whole point is whether they worked hard or not to gain all they have. And, even though we cannot blame them, we can accuse them of hypocrites for not admitting that they have a huge leverage that many can only dream of. 

We can agree and disagree. But one thing is for sure: They may begin with a 10-kilometers advantage, but, eventually, talent will win out (or at least that’s what we hope). So, are you ready to find out if one of your favorite stars is also one of the most famous nepo babies out there, MyFamilier? 

Melanie Griffith


Don Johnson


Dakota Johnson

Uma Thurman


Ethan Hawke


Maya Hawke

Goldie Hawn


Bill Hudson


Kate Hudson

Meg Ryan


Dennis Quaid


Jack Quaid

To make things a bit more interesting, we will play a little game, MyFamilier. We will show you 6 productions and you will have to tell us in the comments which ones have a nepo baby in the lead cast. Here is a little hint: There are only 2 productions with nepo babies. Go and play with your friends and family!

Normal People (2020)


"Normal People" series poster

"About Time" movie poster

About Time (2013)


Bad Sisters (2021)


"Bad Sisters" series poster

"Split" movie poster

Split (2016)


Midsommar (2019)


"Midsommar" movie poster

"The Princess" movie poster

The Princess (2022)


What are your thoughts on nepo babies? Can you separate their success from their families? Do we have to keep reminding them that they have what they have thanks to their relatives? Leave us a comment with your opinion, who knows, you might enlighten us with a new side to the story! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news to your email!

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