Movies against racism – MFC Playlist

The world raises its voice for equality once more and at MFC we commemorate the fight with a Playlist with the best films against racism.

Movies against racism

Movies against racism

MFC Playlist

The world raises its voice once more for equality and against abuse of power, racism and injustice. In commemoration of the fight, we invite you to enjoy our MFC Playlist with the best films against racism.

Get Out (Jordan Peele, 2017)

Get Out

Get Out tells the story of Chris, an African-American man who ends up trapped in what appears to be an innocent visit to his girlfriend’s parents. Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out is the directorial debut of Jordan Peele, who was praised for the originality and mastery of the production.

Although the film develops predominantly within the horror genre, the way in which Peele approached the subject of racism could bring it closer to comedy. It was nominated to the categories of Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at the 2017 Academy Awards, winning the statue for Best Original Screenplay.

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Green Book (Peter Farrelly, 2018)

Green Book

Based on a real story, Green Book shows us the journey of the African American pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) and his driver and bodyguard, the Italian American actor Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), through the south of the United States in 1962. Traveling through territories ruled by racism and intolerance, the characters of the film go through a personal journey towards the deconstruction of their own prejudices.

Praised for its performances, Green Book won three Golden Globes in the Best Comedy or Musical Film, Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay categories, and three Academy Awards in the categories of Best Original Screenplay, Best Film and Best Supporting Actor for Ali.

The Help (Tate Taylor, 2011)

The Help

Directed by Tate Taylor and based on the novel of the same name by Kathryn Stockett, The Help explores the relationship between young journalist Skeeter Phelan and African-American maids in her community in Mississippi, whom she interviews with the intention of giving them a space to express themselves and attract attention to the implications of being an African American woman during the 1963 Civil Rights Movement.

The cast of the film is made up of Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Emma Stone and Octavia Spencer, the latter winning an Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actress. In addition, the film also received nominations to the Best Actress and Best Picture categories at the 2012 Academy Awards.

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BlacKkKlansman (Spike Lee, 2018)


BlacKkKlansman was written and directed by Spike Lee, based on the book Black Klansman by author Ron Stallworth. It is a dramatic comedy where detectives Ron Stallworth and Flip Zimmerman, played by John David Washington and Adam Driver respectively, act under the same name to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.

In addition to telling a story based on real events and its important social message, the film stands out thanks to the great dynamics between the two protagonists. The film won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2019 Academy Awards and Adam Driver was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

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When They See Us (Ava DuVernay, 2019)

When They See Us

When They See Us is a four-episode miniseries created by Ava DuVernay for Netflix, based on a very famous judicial process that occurred in the United States in 1989. The series allows us to know the lives of the five African-American men who were accused of and imprisoned for a crime they did not commit.

The series stars Jharrel Jerome, Asante Blackk, Jovan Adepo, Michael K. Williams, Logan Marshall-Green and Vera Farmiga, among others, and has been recognized for the high quality of their performances. When They See Us is one of the latest productions that once again demonstrates the prejudice and institutional racism that seeps through the United States judicial system.

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