MFC anti-piracy statement

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Recently, the MFC team has detected some illegal operations which are harmful to MFC’s rights and users. Please, pay close attention to the information below to avoid being involved in these kinds of illicit actions.


I. Free-trial

As it is stated in the Terms of Use, the free-trial benefit is a privilege MFC provides to all users for them to have an opportunity to enjoy the MFC service with no payment involved within a certain period of time (7 days).


The MFC team has discovered a repeated situation in which the free-trial option is used wrongly for speculative purposes. In this particular case, different e-mail accounts are registered in the MFC website to access the free-trial benefit and then illegally sold to other people for them to use.


These actions not only go against MFC’s free-trial policy, but they also carry some risks:


1. The same account may be sold to more than one person, preventing the purchaser from accessing the service adequately.
2. Purchasers are likely to become victims of different scams, including fraud. MFC shall not be liable for any money reimbursement in those cases.



Our team has come across a media APP with MFC’s logotype. Nevertheless, this APP is absolutely unrelated to MFC.
Even though MFC’s copyrights are legally protected, we recommend users to bear in mind the official MFC logotype so as to avoid downloading and using a pirated APP.


Official logo*

  • APP, launcher, TV box

  • Social media



  • Website

*All the colors and backgrounds shown here belong to MFC’s platform. Thus, we reserve the right to pursue legal actions in case any unauthorized usage of the above logotypes is detected.


Official interface**

**For more details go to our user guide.


III. MFC service

There are two official channels to acquire the MFC service:


1. Registered account

You can acquire the MFC service through our APP or on our official website with a registered email or phone number account.


2. Pre-installed MFC and prepaid account

MFC works in association with some TV box brands, who provide our service to their users for a certain period of time, and with official service resellers.


It goes without saying that the development of the MFC platform wouldn’t be possible without its users’ constant support. The MFC team works hard every day to provide the best of services. That is the reason why we ask you to join us in the fight against piracy in order to build the best multimedia platform.