James Gunn and the future of DC universe

In October 2022, the famous director James Gunn became the head of DC Studios alongside his producer friend Peter Safran. And a light at the end of the tunnel was seen.

The cinematographic franchise of DC’s shared universe turned into a complete chaos due to countless creative disagreements between studio executives, directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors. Although Zack Snyder, director that started it all, tried to hold it all together, it was hard to maintain a narrative coherence between the films that make up the DC Universe.

However, after an executive cleanse, DC Studios left all in the hands of James Gunn, the genius behind the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the talented producer Peter Safran. Now the train is back on track, right? 🙏

Before getting into this new universe and its controversies, let’s summarize what movies comprehend the old DC Extended Universe (DCEU) or, as it was more commonly known, Snyderverse.


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Everything indicates that this arch 👆 will end with the Flash movie, where we will probably see the Flashpoint, bringing in the next chapter. And that’s when James Gunn enters the scene. The director said that he has a 10 year plan for the new DC universe, which will consist of movies, series, animations, and even videogames sharing a cinematographic world. That’s why his main decision, and ambition, was to recast actors for the main characters like Batman and Superman.

Hence the polemic that arose about Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot. Many fans were against it, but it’s confirmed that Cavill won’t wear the kryptonian cloak anymore, because the story now will be of a young Superman. As for Wonder Woman, there’s nothing confirmed whether the actress will change or not. Now, for Shazam and Blue Beetle, the chances for these actors to continue in their roles are big while for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman are small. We will have to wait and see, MyFamilier. Well, it is said that patience is a virtue.

Gunn’s creative mind has a plan. He wants to hire young actors not only for them to commit to the franchise long-term, but also for them to play their character in every production they are needed, whether it is a movie, series, animation or video game. That way, everytime a character is featured, it will always be played by the same actor.

The “Gunnverse”, as the new DC Universe is getting known, had its first steps revealed, and one of the novelty is that it will be divided into phases. However, they will be known as chapters, so they are not similar to Marvel and don’t confuse the fans. Here are the projects confirmed for now for the first chapter.


Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

Superman: Legacy

Movie expected for July 2025

Creature Commandos

Animated series expected for 2024

The Authority

Movie without release date

The Brave and the Bold

Movie without release date

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Movie without release date

Swamp Thing

Movie without release date


Series without release date


Series without release date

Booster Gold

Series without release date

Paradise Lost

Series without release date

One of Gunn’s strong suits, besides being an incredible screenwriter and director, is that he is a huge fan of the comics, so we can expect well explored characters, good storytelling, and mainly, a coherent, hopefully unique, universe. All that without doing more of the same in all productions like someone named Marvel… 🤐

Wait, we are not over yet, MyFamilier. Are you wondering why Joker wasn’t mentioned? Well, this masterpiece has its own universe called Elseworld.


Batman and Joker

Based on the publication imprint of the same name, productions under this label bring popular characters in parallel stories disconnected from DCU, like Joker (2019) and The Batman (2022). So, to make things clear, every Elseworld’s production will not be part of the shared universe of DCU. Thus, we will get two Batmans at the same time that are two completely different heroes, since this label allows us to explore other DC worlds. Interesting, right? And the sequels of both movies stated above are already confirmed, with Joker: Folie à Deux expected for October 2024 and The Batman II for October 2025. Another good news is that Constantine 2 will bring back Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, 18 years after the first movie, or so we hope. This sequel is still being discussed, but Warner Bros. and DC Studios reassured that it will happen.

If James Gunn and Peter Safran really have total creative freedom, like it seems, the DC Universe will be amazing, harmonious and a spectacle to enjoy. And, who knows, it might overcome Marvel.

If you came this far, MyFamiler, you are a true DC fan. 😍 Leave us a comment of which productions you look forward to the most! 

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    Your positivity and enthusiasm are truly inspiring.

  2. run 3

    The same name magazine imprint serves as the inspiration for the label’s productions, which showcase iconic characters like The Joker and The Batman in independent stories.

  3. snow rider

    The motivation behind Hollywood’s production of movies extends beyond a mere affinity for narrating tales about artists. The underlying cause is rooted in something more profound.

  4. elastic man

    Productions under this label feature well-known characters like The Joker and The Batman in parallel tales unrelated to the DC Universe and are based on the magazine imprint of the same name.


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