Everything you need to know about the Godzilla x Kong MonsterVerse

Given that the series from the Godzilla and King Kong universe, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, is already in its fifth episode and is causing sensation among fans, and that, in addition, at the Brazilian edition of the Comic Con, Warner Bros. presented a trailer for the film Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire, here at MFC, we decided to gather everything you need to know about this monstrous universe.

In 2014, the first Godzilla film was released and, thanks to its great success at the box office, it became part of a series of films that today make up the Warner Bros. “MonsterVerse.” To this original film, they added a sequel and another film in which he faces the famous giant gorilla, King Kong (who also had his own solo film: Kong, Skull Island).

Still from Godzilla (2014)

Throughout these film premieres, they managed to get a large number of fans around the world that only wanted to see giant monsters fighting each other, destroying anything in their way. Warner Bros. knew how to seize that niche, managed to meet its expectations and that is why all its MonsterVerse films swept the box office.

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This great success of the monster franchise encouraged Warner to give a leap of faith and premiere the first series of this universe: Monarch: The Legacy of Monsters. This series was very well received among the audience and managed to capture its expectation in each episode.

Poster for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

What Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is about

After having met more than one mythical creature, such as Godzilla and Kong, Warner gives the opportunity to explore even more in depth what these monsters can cause in their path.

After the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that devastated San Francisco and the shocking revelation that monsters exist, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters tells the story of two brothers who follow their father’s trail to discover the connection between their family and the secret organization known as Monarch. The clues lead them to a world of monsters and to army officer Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell). The saga, which spans three generations, reveals buried secrets and the ways in which the events of the films can impact the lives of the protagonists.

The good news is that, although some MonsterVerse films have focused on human drama, the producers assured that they did not skimp on the use of visual effects to make the creatures an integral part of the series. This means that there’ll be much more attention given to the titans’ stories instead of simply following the typical and “boring” human plots.

A curious fact is that both Kurt Russell and his son, Wyatt, play the same character in different timelines. In addition, the series stars Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemons and Ren Watabe.

Kurt and Wyatt Russell

How Monarch: Legacy of Monsters connects with Godzilla’s MonsterVerse

The last installment of the MonsterVerse was Godzilla vs Kong, which features the birthplace of the famous titans. It comes as no surprise that the series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters was premiered afterwards, since it serves as a continuation to further expand the knowledge that we have about them.

The producers, in an interview with Collider, have stated: 

“Legendary is the studio for our show, as well as for the films, and so they sort of sit at the juncture there between the two, and they have a mythology department there which is wonderful. So they weigh in on how things might overlap, how certain creatures need to stay on one side or the other, and so there is a lot of conversation about it.” 

A monster from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

In addition, the trailer for the new movie in this universe, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, was released, which will once again present the two main monsters against an even greater threat.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

This new installment continues after the last movie. In it, both monsters join forces again to fight a new ape, currently unknown, that threatens to wipe out humanity. What’s interesting is that Godzilla reached a new pink form, while Kong seems to have adapted very well to his role as ruler of the Hollow Earth and also as a father.

Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire poster

The producers confirmed that this installment will have quite long sequences (about eight minutes long) where the monsters simply mind their business while they are not trying to destroy buildings or fighting each other. This movie gives the monsters the chance to tell their own narrative in a visual rather than a verbal manner.

So, MyFamilier, what are you waiting to catch up on Godzilla and Kong’s MonsterVerse? Let us know in the comments what was your favorite installment of the saga.



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