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Disney brings back the adorable elephant Dumbo in a new remake of its classic animated movie, originally released in 1941.


Dumbo (2019) was directed by Tim Burton and features performances by Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and Eva Green, among other actors both new and already established. The movie tells the story of Dumbo, a baby elephant who, thanks to its large ears, is capable of flying.


Unlike other Disney remakes, Dumbo is approached from a fresh perspective. It is not limited to merely a retelling of the classic story, but rather expands on it and introduces new themes and characters according to contemporary audiences.


Despite including many human characters, each with their own stories, the focus of the film does not depart from Dumbo and its quest to be reunited with its mother, achieving a fluid coexistence between this and the original film.


Tim Burton takes up the circus aesthetic present in other of his films such as Big Fish (2003) and Batman Returns (1992) (a film where we see Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton already performing together) and creates a fantasy atmosphere appropriate for the story that gradually progresses until developing an unexpected personality of its own.


Dumbo turned out to be a nice entry to the collection of live action adaptations of classic films in which Disney has been working since the premiere of Alice in Wonderland, also directed by Tim Burton, in 2010.



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