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Child's Play



Child’s Play


MFC Review



Child’s Play (2019) is Chucky‘s eighth film and marks the reboot of one of the classic horror movie franchises.


Directed by Lars Klevberg and starring Gabriel Bateman, Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hamill as the new voice of Chucky, Child’s Play is a new version of the original concept without the participation of the creator of the franchise, Don Mancini.


Unlike the 7 films that make up the original saga, where Chucky was possessed by the spirit of a murderer, this version of the character shows him as a defective electronic doll.


The mother-son relationship that is created between the roles of Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman is outdated but effective, and the interpretation of Mark Hamill is undoubtedly one of the strong points of the film. Despite being a forgettable film, Child’s Play feels like a return to the character’s foundations: a movie that doesn’t take itself very seriously and makes viewers enjoy the classic tropes of the slasher genre.


Despite not being involved in any way with this installment of Chucky, its original creator, Don Mancini, has confirmed that he is working on a new television series about the character, which will expand the story developed since the beginnings of Child’s Play (1988), until Cult of Chucky (2017).



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