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The Valiant Comics universe comes to movie theaters with Bloodshot (2020), the new sci-fi action movie with Vin Diesel. In MFC Review we tell you what we think about it.



MFC Review

The Valiant Comics universe comes to movie theaters with Bloodshot (2020), the first in a series of films based on the characters of the American comic company.

Bloodshot is the directorial debut of Dave Wilson, recognized for his work in the field of visual effects in movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron (Joss Whedon, 2015) and video games like BioShock Infinite (2013). Vin Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a fallen soldier who is brought back to life thanks to nanotechnology. Under a new name, superhuman strength, and great regeneration powers, Bloodshot will set out on a path of revenge against those who killed his wife. The cast of the film includes Guy Pearce, Toby Kebbell and Lamorne Morris, among others.

At the beginning of the project, Jared Leto was in negotiations to take on the lead role in the film, but it was eventually decided that Vin Diesel would play Bloodshot in the rise of another superhero cinematic universe, this time with a sci-fi orientation. The new Valiant universe was born thanks to the collaboration of the comic company with Sony Pictures, who devised a plan to produce 5 films based on titles such as Bloodshot and Harbinger. Originally, Bloodshot would be followed by a sequel, then two movies based on the Harbinger comic book series, and finally a crossover titled Harbinger Wars. Despite these plans, in 2019 it was announced that the upcoming Harbinger film would be under the responsibility of Paramount Pictures, questioning the development of the shared universe.

Although it seemed like an interesting project, perhaps canceling any Bloodshot sequel would be the right thing to do. Beyond having a predictable plot, the most important aspects of the story were used in the construction of the official trailer, ruining the narrative experience for all of the people who saw it. The heavy load of special effects in the film is especially notable, which wasn’t very well achieved and sometimes looked like cinematic scenes from a video game. The performances were not particularly outstanding and the development of the characters was almost non-existent. Bloodshot is one more action movie out of the bunch, recommended only if you are interested in seeing the character on the big screen or if you need a large dose of explosions.


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  1. Haunt The House

    Predictable plots can sometimes diminish the overall enjoyment of a movie, as the audience may anticipate the events unfolding. Additionally, if important aspects of the story are revealed in the trailer, it can indeed impact the narrative experience for those who have seen it, as it may leave little room for surprises or twists.


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