Immaculate, the new film by Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney continues to be one of the actresses of the moment in Hollywood and this May she landed in a new genre, horror. From MFC we bring you all the details of Immaculate, a religious horror film that promises to give you something to talk about.

Margot Robbie, Zendaya and Cailee Spaeny are hogging all the movie covers around the world thanks to their brilliant performances on the big screen. However, there is another actress who is making a profound mark on the movie scene, demonstrating her versatility in a wide range of genres, from comedy to horror to drama to romance. We’re referring to Sydney Sweeney, the talented 26-year-old American who not only dazzles with her acting, but also leads film projects. Her performance as Mother Cecilia in “Immaculate”, a new religious horror film, is captivating audiences on your favorite friendly platform.


It is a psychological horror film directed by Michael Mohan and written by Andrew Lobel. It stars Sydney Sweeney, Alvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, Giorgio Colangeli and Simona Tabasco. It tells the story of a devoutly religious woman named Cecilia who is accepted for a position at an illustrious convent in the Italian countryside. She soon reveals that her seemingly perfect new home hides terrible secrets.


In October 2022, it was announced that Sydney Sweeney had joined the cast of the film, with Michael Mohan directing from a script by Andrew Lobel, with Sweeney cas producer under his Fifty-Fifty Films brand. In February 2023, Alvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, Giorgio Colangeli and Simona Tabasco joined the cast of the film. Principal photography for the film took place in Rome and was completed in February 2023.


Inmaculada, la película de Sydney Sweeney que pisó fuerte en la taquilla mexicana.

The peculiarity of this film is that Sweeney is also producer of the delivery. She herself was interested in recovering a project for which she had auditioned in 2014 and which had been truncated.She made it her own: she got a director, adapted it to the new times and gave her all in the lead role.


Cecilia, una mujer de fe devota, recibe una calurosa bienvenida en la perfecta campiña italiana, donde se le ofrece un nuevo papel en un ilustre convento. Pero se vuelve más claro para Cecilia que su nuevo hogar alberga oscuros y horribles secretos.

Of course! The horror film offers outstanding performances and pleasantly surprises us with the inclusion of Sydney Sweeney in a film genre in which we had not seen her before. In addition, it is full of scenes full of gore, blood and scares that will make you jump off the couch on more than one occasion, generating an unsettling atmosphere uncommon in conventional horror films.

Immaculate promises to be one of the biggest horror movies of the year, and from MFC we offer you all the details so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home, either with friends or family. Just be prepared for the screamers! Now, it’s your turn, MyFamilier, and we ask you: Would you like to see Sweeney in more movies of this genre?



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