80s and 90s comeback

The past is the trendy present.

It’s not a surprise to anyone that fashion and culture are cyclical, right? Every year there is a wave of new trends, but if we look more closely a déjà vu feeling will hit us. Check social media or take a walk through the stores… You can’t deny, the 80s and 90s definitely came back.

Obviously the entertainment industry has a huge share of responsibility in this nostalgic movement. Pop music is always making tributes and references to these eras. Even new albums such as the last one released by Dua Lipa, one of the most popular singers nowadays, called Future Nostalgia (impossible to be more straightforward than that, right?), brings elements that make us travel in time. And with streaming platforms at their peak, many classics are once again just a click away.

In addition to all this, the most relevant new productions in the streaming platforms are also great tributes to these past decades. And this makes us wonder… Why?

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Now entering in a guessing game, we could say that one of the reasons may be the fact that Millennials and Zoomers have finally grown up and are occupying spaces of creation and, at the same time, they are the target audience since now they have purchasing power to acquire this type of content. Recreating your own childhood or adolescence from a more attractive and personal perspective is a formula that works because the public can connect and see themselves reflected in it.

Another possibility is that the internet gave simple and easy access to a GIGANTIC library of information that didn’t exist before, and even new generations who didn’t live in these times can relate to them and dive deep into music, movies, series and fashion. And how on Earth wouldn’t everyone fall in love with this period? It was a moment of great change in a short time, which was reflected in the youth lifestyle. In addition, you can also feel a certain idealization about a world in which your whole life wasn’t attached to a cellphone…

Whatever is the reason, it’s undeniable that this trend is here to stay. And there is no doubt that we will make the most of it, tasting a little bit of this nostalgia. If you haven’t been swept away by this wave yet, don’t worry, MyFamilier, we’ve made a selection of movies and series that you must see.

Stranger Things (2016 – )

Stranger Things poster.

One of the biggest hits in the streaming universe nowadays takes place in a small town where many mysterious and unexplained events happen and children disappear. The story is set in the 80s and hits us hard with influences on clothes, devices and music!

Do Revenge (2022)

Do Revenge poster.

After her sex tape is leaked, Drea seeks revenge with the help of Eleanor, the misfit new girl in school. Although the premise of the film seems cliché, the script has many funny twists and iconic scenes. It’s also worth mentioning the references to classics such as Jawbreaker, Clueless, Cruel Intentions and Mean Girls.

Glow (2017 – 2019)

Glow poster.

As absurd as it sounds, Glow is inspired by a true story and follows a group of women who became professional wrestlers during the 80s. The series is a mix of drama and comedy that surprises the audience by its theme as well as by the production’s quality level. Is it different? Yes, but it’s worth every second. It’s full of fights, glamorous costumes and 80s energy.

It (2017)

It poster.

An adaptation of Stephen King’s classic masterpiece, the movie is about a group of children determined to kill a demon who takes on the shape of a scary clown and is responsible for the disappearance of children. The story takes place in the late 80s and, although it is a horror movie, we can still have some kind of nostalgic feeling.

Sex Education (2019 – )

Sex Education poster.

Otis is the son of a sex therapist and, at the same time, he’s full of taboos. Unexpectedly, he helps other teenagers and creates an underground sex education clinic. This series is a true work of art and undoubtedly a future classic! But something interesting is that it isn’t clear about the period in which the story takes place. There’s a full 80s and 90s vibe in the clothes, music, design, but suddenly everyone is using a smartphone. And that’s the beauty of the series…

Derry Girls (2018 – 2022)

Derry Girls poster.

The series follows the adolescence of a group of girls in Northern Ireland during the final years of The Troubles in the 90s. They are literally in the midst of major political and cultural changes, and this is portrayed with a lot of humor and defiance.

And to top it off, we made a Spotify playlist with the best songs of these decades that you can’t miss.

So, tell us, MyFamilier… Are you from the generation that grew up in the 80s or 90s? Comment below your new favorite series.

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