How to use your account

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1. About MFC member account

An MFC member account is your MFC ID which collects and manages your information such as: free-trial period, membership plan, service expiration date, watchlist, etc.


2. How to create your account

Go to our website or simply open the APP and follow the instructions.


3. When to use your account

If you are a member who has already purchased the service, you don’t need to create an account and log in to the MFC APP until your service expires. Your plan information is shown in the “My Account” section.


When you only have 7 days of service left, two buttons may become available: “Log In” and “Bind e-mail”. For more information on the second option, read our guide “How to bind a pre-paid account to an e-mail account”.

Nevertheless, if it is the first time you log in to the MFC APP with an account, your valid service period will be transferred from the device to your account.

When your free-trial period or membership plan expires, go to our member site and pick another membership plan. Then, log in to the MFC APP to continue using the MFC service.


4. How to log in to the MFC APP with your account




Open the MFC APP and enter your e-mail address or account and password. Your personal information will be listed in “My Account”.




  • The user “ID” is assigned by the MFC system for each user.
  • “Account” is the one used to log in to the MFC APP, such as e-mail address or pre-paid card account.
  • “Plan” shows which plan you have. It may be a free-trial or a membership plan (if you have already purchased the service).
  • “Expiry Date” and “Remaining Days” are automatically calculated from your service activation date and updated according to your plan period. If you purchase another plan, the information will be automatically updated.