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If you have questions regarding your account, the use of your personal information or about the terms of use, cookies or other similar technologies, please contact us via e-mail at support@myfamilycinema.info


1. If my account expires, how can I continue using MFC?


Go to https://www.myfamilycinema.com/en/plan/ in order to pick a plan and continue enjoying our service.



2. How can I filter the connected videos only?


Press the left arrow of your remote control and choose “Connected”. The option “Show all” means that all information is shown whether the content exists in your cloud or not.



3. What does “Y” and “N” mean?


It means whether the content exists in your cloud or not.



4.Why is not my media content recognized by MFC after I added my cloud account?


Check whether the content is connected to the correct TT number, you can read more about this issue on our user guide “How to rename your cloud media files”.

If you have further questions, please contact us via e-mail: support@myfamilycinema.info.