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Every day we are hit with a bunch of new movies and series of comedy, drama, thriller, horror and much more. However, there is a genre in the entertainment world that doesn’t receive the same level of attention: reality shows! This type of program has a different format, since they accompany real people in different journeys and challenges, and within the genre there are many styles, such as real crimes, relationships and docudramas.

And, without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular are the reality competition shows, where participants compete against each other for a big prize that can bump up their bank account or completely change their lives. Among the most famous programs, we have The Bachelor, Big Brother, MasterChef and Survivor, and all of them had their formats sold to several countries around the world, creating successful versions regionally. 

There’s a lot of people against this type of program, but the streaming boom resulted in a ridiculous amount of new titles, proving that the genre can even be snubbed, but it indeed has a huge and dedicated audience!

If you’ve never watched anything and want to try this style, or if you are a fan, but are tired of always watching the same thing, MFC Blog has selected titles that you can not miss. There is something for every taste and maybe you’ll even find a new hobby. Check out!


The American Barbecue Showdown


A TV show to make you feel hungry! The best barbecuers of the US compete to find out who is the best of all.

The American Barbecue Showdown poster

The Big Brunch


Project created by the actor and producer Dan Levy, this show can make some tears drop (at the same time that makes you crave food).

The Big Brunch poster

School of Chocolate


This show brings a level of knowledge you didn’t know you needed and reveals some unexpected talents.

School of Chocolate poster

Snack vs. Chef


You will upgrade your midnight snack after watching this show.

Snack vs. Chef poster


The Great Pottery Throw Down poster

The Great Pottery Throw Down


The life’s story and resilience of these amateur ceramists will move you!

Blown Away poster

Blown Away


The level of talent and strength shown by the participants is amazing, even more with the final result of the pieces.

Metal Shop Masters poster

Metal Shop Masters


With skill and creativity, these competitors will create unbelievable objects in record time. 

The Big Flower Fight poster

The Big Flower Fight


Do not be fooled, this program won’t be what you expect. Prepare yourself for huge surprises!


Love Is Blind


Single people decide to date and get married without ever meeting each other in person. What could go wrong?

Love Is Blind poster

Too Hot to Handle


Men and women together on an island paradise, all of them beautiful and single. But to win the grand prize, they must renounce any sexual activity. Again, what could go wrong?

Too Hot to Handle poster

Are You the One?


To find true love, the participants will have to go through deep and impactful experiences.

Are You the One poster

Single’s Inferno


Trapped on an island, these young people will struggle to find love and the best way to enjoy their time.

Single’s Inferno poster


Ultimate Beastmaster posters

Ultimate Beastmaster


Athletes around the world will have the chance to prove their strength in challenging obstacles.

Hyperdrive poster



All this speed and agility will blow your mind!

The Titan Games poster

The Titan Games


Hosted by the unbelievable Dwayne Johnson, amateur athletes will show what it really means to be strong.

American Ninja Warrior poster

American Ninja Warrior


Facing the most unbelievable obstacles, competitors will do anything to prove they are the best.


Floor Is Lava


This show elevates the best child game in a way you can’t even imagine.

Floor Is Lava poster



Do you want to crack up? This program is for you!

Wipeout poster

Nailed It!


Are you a bad cook? Then you will feel much better after seeing these terrible home bakers.

Nailed It poster

Fastest Car 


Everyone has the right to dream, but can these simple cars race against sports cars?

Fastest Car poster

So, MyFamilier, are you curious to check out some of these titles? Which one of these reality shows wouldn’t you miss? Leave us a comment with your opinion! And if you like this type of content, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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