A Mortal Kombat Fatality leaked… Get over here!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the “Mortal Kombat” movie will be violent and bloody, just like every single fan of the video game was expecting. All thanks to a leaked Fatality. And yes… inevitably one of the characters will have a spectacular death.

The best Chadwick Boseman movies

The best Chadwick Boseman movies – MFC Playlist

On August 28th, Chadwick Boseman sadly passed away. As a way of saying the last goodbye, we created this MFC Playlist to remember Chadwick Boseman’s most iconic work.

Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day – MFC Playlist

At MFC we invite you to celebrate Geek Pride Day and to enjoy the most important fantasy and science fiction movies and series of the geek culture. May the Force be with you!

Women's Month Superheroine Movies

Women’s Month: Superheroine Movies – MFC Playlist

Heroines take over the cinema and, with them, bring a new way of making action movies. At MFC we celebrate Women’s Month with a Playlist of superheroines.


Morbius – Coming Soon

Jared Leto returns to the superhero world in Morbius (2020), Sony’s new movie about the Spider-Man villain. In MFC we tell you everything about the upcoming movie.