Westworld A Science Fiction Gem

Westworld: A Science Fiction Gem – MFC Editorial

With the recent premiere of its third season, Westworld is enshrined as a science fiction gem. At MFC Editorial we discuss why it is one of the best series today.

Spider-Man Universe The Sinister Six Movie

Spider-Man Universe: The Sinister Six Movie – MFC Editorial

The long-expected Sinister Six movie is now possible thanks to Sony and its movie Morbius (2020). In MFC Editorial we explore the new Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian: A Space Cowboy – MFC Editorial

The Star Wars universe expands with The Mandalorian, the new series on Disney+. In MFC Editorial we reflect on the first season, its influences and the things that make it so special.

The best Joaquin Phoenix movies

The best Joaquin Phoenix movies – MFC Playlist

Joaquin Phoenix is one of the most notorious actors in the contemporary film industry and all of his films prove it. Learn more about the best Joaquin Phoenix movies on MFC Playlist.

The subgenres of horror cinema

The subgenres of horror cinema – MFC Editorial

October is the month of fear and in MFC Editorial we talk about the different styles of movies that exist within the horror cinema.