Why do we celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th?

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Why do we celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th?


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Every single 4th of May the catchphrase “May the Fourth be with you” is used as a greeting among fans and becomes a trend on social media




For those who are completely unaware of the Star Wars universe the phrase doesn’t make much sense. But don’t worry! It’s not a cryptic message and you don’t need to watch the complete saga to understand it. It’s just a pun on words between the famous phrase “May the Force be with you” and “May the Fourth be with you”, which are phonetically similar, as you can tell.
“Warsies”, as Star Wars fans like to call themselves, know this catchphrase rather well. However, funnily enough, this change of words stems from a 1979 article dedicated to Margaret Thatcher and published by a conservative English newspaper.


The phrase, which went unnoticed at first, became an iconic greeting in 2011 after the first official celebration of the Star Wars Day in Toronto, Canada. As of that moment, the slogan, which has George Lucas’ blessing, gradually became more and more used by thousands of fans around the world.



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