The best movies, the best moms

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The best movies, the best moms


We recommend you the best movies to watch on Mother’s Day



You want to honor your mom on her special day? We have the perfect plan! Whether you can spend the day with her or not, here you have 12 incredible movies for this occasion.

Through different genres and perspectives, you will see what it means to be a mom. Check our list of recommendations and enjoy the movie you like the best!

Fix yourself a drink, grab some popcorn, get tissues, and let’s begi





MAMMA MIA! (2008) — Musical comedy


Donna, the owner of a hotel in Greece, is preparing the wedding of her only child with the help of two old friends. In the meantime, Sophie, Donna’s daughter, is preparing her own plan. She will invite three men from her mother’s past to the wedding hoping to finally meet her biological father.






ROOM (2015) — Drama and thriller


Joy was kidnapped seven years ago and is now held captive in a very small room. She has a son named Jack with his kidnapper. Jack is unaware of the outside world, but her mother will make him understand that they must escape to have a better life.






THE BLIND SIDE (2009) — Drama


Michael Oher is a homeless black teen whose life has always been difficult. However, everything takes an unexpected turn when Leigh Anne Tuohy and her family take him in. With their help and support, Michael will see his potential as a student and football player.






MOTHER’S DAY (2016) — Comedy and Drama


Mother’s Day is coming and everything seems to be a mess. A group of seeming strangers in the city of Atlanta must come to terms with the relationship they have with their mothers and how that changes their perspective of life, but it won’t be easy at all.






LION (2016) — Drama


In India, five-year-old Saroo got lost in a train station and had to survive in the street all by himself until an Australian family adopted him. Now, 20 years later and full of memories and faith, Saroo is determined to find his biological family.






JUNO (2016) — Comedy – Drama


When teenage girl Juno MacGuff gets pregnant, she decides to give her baby to a loser rockstar and his wife. But this little journey will not be easy for anyone involved.






TULLY (2018) — Drama


After giving birth to her third child, Marlo has no choice but to hire a nanny to help her with the kids. Even though at first she doesn’t trust her, with time, the two women forge a special bond.






BAD MOMS (2016) — Comedy


Amy’s life seems to be pretty perfect. An amazing mom with a great husband and wonderful children. However, sick and tired of some many responsibilities, she decides to rebel together with two other moms.






FREAKY FRIDAY (2003) — Comedy


After being trapped in each other’s bodies, Dr. Tess and her daughter Anna must leave their problems aside to solve this problem before time runs out.






BRAVE (2012) — Animation


Merida, daughter of king Fergus and queen Elinor, doesn’t want her future to be as expected: get married and do nothing. That’s why all her brave choices will change her future, even the choice of seeking the help of an old lady.






STEPMOM (1998) — Drama


Two strong women must leave her differences aside to face a critical family situation. They may not be best friends, but they will do anything for the kids.








A woman whose daughter was murdered faces the police with three billboards near the road to show that it has been months since the crime was committed and nothing has been done.







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