MFC Mobile System Update

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– Version 2.0.0

New features:

  • Optimized user-friendly profile management
  • New sections: Kids and Animation
  • Share button
  • Push notifications
  • Optimized UI & UX: Playback
  • Fixed bugs


– Version 1.6.0

New features:

  • Supported phone number registration
  • Supported video filtering by region, year, rating and audio
  • Supported celebrity information search
  • Supported subtitle and playback report in play mode
  • Optimized video streaming and picture loading speed
  • Optimized UI & UX
  • Fixed bugs


– Version 1.5.0
New features:

  • Bind pre-paid card to e-mail account
  • Renew the service with a recharge code
  • Optimized cloud importing function
  • Optimized user interface and experience design (UI & UX)
  • Fixed bugs


– Version 1.4.0

New features:

  • Optimized mistake notification during registration
  • Password reset
  • My Cloud: Improved importing and updating
  • First login APP walkthrough
  • Landing page


– Version 1.3.0

New features:

  • Create accounts
  • Import cloud accounts
  • Auto-play TV shows
  • Auto-resume playback
  • Choose subtitles color and size
  • Message center


– Version 1.2.0

New features:

  • Searching tool
  • New sections: Favorite, History and Watchlist
  • Local cache
  • Login with pre-paid card
  • Redirecting link to MFC member site


– Version 1.0 beta 2

New features:

  • Login by QR code scanning


– Version 1.0 beta 1 (first version)


  • Login and logout
  • Recommendations for users displayed on the Main Page
  • Synopsis of movies and TV shows
  • Subtitle tools
  • User-friendly and straight forward settings, account and cloud management
  • Play Mode:

a. Vertical or horizontal screen orientation

b. Touch screen options:


1. To adjust brightness, drag your finger upwards/downwards over the screen’s left side.

2. To adjust volume, drag your finger upwards/downwards over the screen’s right side.

3. To rewind/fast forward, drag your finger sideways over the middle of the screen.