June comes with the best content!

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June comes with the best content!


The most anticipated releases of the month


After the success of Cruella and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, this second half of the year comes with new productions and more seasons of your favorite series from Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV and Hulu. We will tell you all about the new premiers and comebacks for June 2021 that you cannot miss.


Series all around…



elite season 4


Élite – Season 4


The new season of Élite brings three new students to the institute of Las Encinas to bond with the original cast. Mysteries, doubts and one death will be the center of attention in these teenagers’ lives.

Élite comes back June 18 on Netflix.




Lupin – Part 2


The story of Arsène Lupin returns with new episodes after season one’s powerful ending. Assane Diop will now have to see the dark side of his revenge after his son’s kidnapping.

Lupin comes back June 11 on Netflix.




Black Summer – Season 2


The zombie apocalypse continues with new cold-blooded challenges and violent militias that fight against the dead and the desperate survivors.

Black Summer comes back June 17 on Netflix.






After WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney+ releases its third series of the Marvel Universe. With an episode premiering each week, Loki will tell the story of what happened to the God of deceit after the last Avengers movie.

Loki premieres June 9 on Disney+.





Sweet Tooth


A deadly virus exterminates most of Earth’s population and causes the births of hybrid babies, like Gus, the protagonist of this new series. We will see him grow and become a teenager with unusual deer features.

Sweet Tooth premieres June 4 on Netflix.







After a volcano erupts in Iceland, strange events take place among the residents of a small village called Vik. Its eight episodes are filled with mystery.

Katla premieres June 17 on Netflix.




Lisey’s Story


This eight-episode series follows Lisey Debusher Landon, a woman who recently lost her husband Scott and decides to go to Boo’ya Moon, the place where he used to isolate to write.

Lisey’s Story premieres June 4 on Apple TV.




Movie avalanche!




The House of Flowers: The Movie


The De la Mora siblings hatch a plan to break into the old family house and take back the treasure hidden by their late mother.

Premieres June 23 on Netflix.






In a post-apocalyptic future, people on Earth lose the ability to sleep and all hope relies on a young girl who might have the answer to solve this problem.

Premieres June 9 on Netflix.







Matthew must face the sudden death of his wife Liz a day after she gives birth to their child Maddy. Now he must grieve his wife while raising his daughter.

Premieres June 18 on Netflix.





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