How to upgrade your MFC plan

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During a valid service period, you will be able to upgrade your plan by logging in with the MFC account of said plan and going to the “Plans” section either on our website or on the APP.


Depending on the plan you have, you can choose between the following options: 



Learn what our plans include here!


When upgrading your plan, bear in mind the following:

  • You will be able to renew or upgrade your current plan any time.
  • You won’t be able to downgrade your plan during the valid service period.
  • If you currently have a monthly plan, the duration of the new valid service period will be of one year plus the remaining valid days.
  • If you currently have a yearly plan, the duration of the new valid period will be of one year from the moment the payment is processed, since the cash equivalent to the remaining valid days of your current plan will be deducted from the total cost of the new plan.


Enough theory! Let’s practice:



If a user orders the USD 29.99 Basic Yearly plan on 01/10/2020, the expiration date will be on 30/09/2021. If they want to upgrade the plan on 01/11/2020, the remaining valid days of the Basic Yearly plan would be 334 days. These days, translated into money, result in:

(USD 29.99 / 365) × 334 = USD 27.44


Thus, the final price for upgrading would be:


* Duo plan

USD 49.99 – USD 27.44 = USD 22.55


* Family plan

USD 69.99 – USD 27.44 = USD 42.55