How to use MFC Mobile

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When you first access the APP, you will see the following login screen.



You have three login options:

1. Log in with your email account registered on  the MFC Member Site.

2. Log in by scanning a QR Code from your TV box. (Only available for some TV boxes brands)

3. Create an MFC account either with your email or phone number from the MFC APP.


After logging in, you will see movies and series recommendations displayed on the main page.


How to use the touch screen on full screen Play Mode



What do I do if I cannot play any videos?

First, go to “Profile” > “My Cloud” and check that your cloud accounts are connected and if they contain any media files.



You can also check your cloud accounts by clicking on the cloud icon in “Home”.



What do I do if My Cloud list is empty?

If your cloud list is empty, click on the question mark to find more information on how to add a cloud account.



For more questions on how to rename your media files, please check this link.


Where is the settings menu?

Go to “Profile” > “Settings” to access the menu and configure the application according to your preferences.



How do I set the subtitles default language?

In the “Settings” menu look for “Subtitles Language”.
Currently, you can choose between the following subtitle default languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.



How do I play multimedia files with mobile networks?

Go to “Settings” > “Network Configuration”. If you want to play your media content by default on mobile network switch the button on. However, if you prefer to save your data package and only play via Wi-Fi switch the button off.



Create an account

If you want to register on MFC, access the APP and click on “Create an Account”.



Choose whether to create an account with your email address or with your phone number, fill in the fields and click on “Send”. You will receive a verification code that you will have to enter in the corresponding field. To finish, click on the button “Create an Account”.