How to use coupon code

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How to redeem a coupon

1. Go to the MFC member site and pick a plan.



2. Enter the coupon code and click on “Apply”.



3. Click on “Next” to finish the purchase.


Coupon Application Guideline

  • Only one coupon can be applied to a single order.
  • Once a coupon has been locked within an order, it cannot be used in other orders.
  • If you wish to use it in a new order, you have to unlock it from the previous order first.
  • Coupons are not cumulative with other sales promotions, discounts or privileges.



How to get a coupon

You can get a coupon from either one of three ways:


A. From MFC Message Center

Coupon codes will be sent to users from time to time via the MFC Message Center.

We suggest you check regularly your messages so as not to miss any important information.



B. From promotion banners

When you open the MFC APP either on your TV box or on your cellphone or when you log in on the MFC official website, you may occasionally find a banner showing a coupon code. Stay tuned to be able to write it down and access the discount.




C. From MFC official emailing

During MFC sales, you may receive an email with a coupon code. Check your inbox regularly as well as your spam folder.