How to rename your cloud media files

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You must create a new folder in the cloud root directory and name it “MFC”. Move all your media files or index files into this folder. Subfolders are accepted too.


  • Option 1 (for public users)

Rename all your media files according to these rules:




TV shows



tt0000000: Corresponds to the IMDb number of the video file. You can search for the movie name on the IMDb official website to confirm the TT number.

File name: Corresponds to the name of the video. Please, use a period to separate different words, do not use the “+” symbol.

Year: Corresponds to the year in which the video was released.

A+EN/ES/PT: Corresponds to the audio language of the video. You must type the letter “A” in uppercase before the rest of the text. If the video has several different language audios, separate them with the “+” symbol.


EN = English         ZH = Chinese         KO = Korean

ES = Spanish         JA = Japanese        TH = Thai

PT = Portuguese   FR = French           DE = German

Other = Languages other than those mentioned above


Resolution: Corresponds to the resolution in which videos are displayed and should be named as R480P, R720P or R1080P. Files without this information will be automatically classified as 720P.


This way, My Family Cinema can automatically recognize different languages and show different language tags when you press “Play” (as shown in the images below) and choose the language you prefer.





S0?E0?: This information is only necessary for TV shows. The “S” stands for season, and the “E” stands for episode. The specific number is a two-digit number, so the first episode of the first season is shown as S01E01.

Suffix name: Corresponds to the video file format, such as MP4, MKV.


– Mp4 is the best format for online streaming.

– 720p, 1080p and 1500kpbs resolutions are highly recommended.



1. The movie Jurassic World has two language tracks. The correct file name is:




2. The Game of Thrones fourth episode of the seventh season has three language tracks. The correct file name is:





  • Option 2 (for professional users)

Create a .mmr extended file to match your cloud media files with the IMDb number. This method is used in order to avoid changing the media file names. The MMR file will contain the URL address of the video. MFC will look into the MMR file to find the URL to play it. To add a comment, start the sentence with the “#” symbol.

Create a tt0000000.mmr file. Write down the URL address in this file.



The URL address of the file
“tt4525270_Stormageddon_2015_.mp4”, saved in the MFC folder of the Mega cloud account is the following:!apN03DIA!mWvjy88bIKi6LXckkRsXtrMF-bNgvz5X9d9Sg0GzQWI.


Thus, the MMR file will appear as follows: