How to play a video

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On the movies list, a “Y” is shown on the bottom right corner if there’s a media file attached to it and an “N” if the file is not available in your cloud yet.

If you press the left button on your remote control, you’ll see displayed a left sidebar with two options: “Show All” displays all the movies and “Connected” only shows the movies with “Y” status.



When you select a movie with “Y” status, the “Play” button is shown on the movie page. If your Internet speed is too low to support online streaming, the “+Cache” mode allows you to buffer and play it smoothly.



Click on “Play” to see all the sources and select the one you prefer.



When you choose a TV show, a list of the seasons and episodes is displayed.



You can always add movies to your “Watchlist” so you can check them out later when they’re available.