How to bind a pre-paid account to an email or phone account

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Thirty days before your pre-paid account expires, you will have the option to bind it to your MFC email or phone account. This way, you will be able to renew the service and keep all your personal data (favorites, history, cloud, etc.).


1. Open the MFC APP and go to “My Account” on your TV box or to “Profile” on your mobile device.



2. If the valid service left of your pre-paid account is 30 days or less, then you will find the button “Bind account” or “Bind email”. Click on one of the two options to continue.




3. Enter your registered email address or phone number and click on “Bind”.




4. Immediately after, you will receive a confirmation message. 



However, if the email address or phone number you entered is not yet registered in MFC, first create an account.




5. Once you have confirmed the binding process through your email or phone, your pre-paid account will be automatically logged out. Proceed to log in again with either your pre-paid account ID or your registered email address or phone number and password to continue enjoying the service.




Useful information


About log in

To log in, you can either use your pre-paid account ID or your email address or phone number, but you can only use the password you registered on MFC. Once the binding process is finished, the password corresponding to your pre-paid account will no longer be valid. 


About data

After binding your email or phone number, all your personal information (including favorites, history, remaining valid days, etc.) will be automatically transferred to that very account.

The valid days left of your pre-paid account plan will also be transferred to your new account. On screen, you will see the name of the highest plan you had purchased in either account. The valid days left from the lower plan will be automatically added to the ones left of the highest plan.



A user has a pre-paid account with a Basic yearly plan which has a valid time left of half a year.

Then, that user acquires a Duo plan with an email or phone account. The valid service time left is of 1 year.

Once the account binding process is successfully finished, the user’s current plan is updated automatically to “Duo” and the new expiry date is calculated as follows:

0.5 * USD 29.99 / USD 49.99 * 365 days + 365 days = 457 days