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Haunt (2019) is a horror movie written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who previously worked with John Krasinski in A quiet place (2018). It stars Katie Stevens and tells the story of a group of friends trying to escape from a haunted house and from those who want to kill them inside it.


With a low budget, Haunt has its limitations but focuses on creating a great atmosphere of tension through cinematography, rhythm and stage design. Most of the film takes place in a haunted house full of weird rooms and narrow halls that make us feel trapped.


Although the script doesn’t offer a great development of the characters, the cast’s powerful performances reinforce the atmosphere of the film.


Haunt doesn’t seek to subvert horror cinema, but to be entertaining and effective. The film tells a simple but accurate story, as it serves as a narrative basis for a display of the most common traits of the slasher subgenre. A great option to enjoy on Halloween.



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