Father’s Day: movies and series your dad will love to watch

¡Feliz Día del Padre! En esta fecha tan especial, desde My Family Cinema te ofrecemos un listado especial de películas y series con las que tu papá disfrutará horas de acción, aventura y adrenalina. Toma nota y celebra este día a su lado.

It’s the middle of June and Father’s Day is among families in Mexico, United States, South Africa and many other countries. From My Family Cinema, we want to celebrate it with you and that’s why we bring you this complete list with movies and series that surely your dad will be delighted to see on his day from the comfort of the couch..


Genre: History, Drama, War

Duration: 2 hours 49 minutes

The film tells the story of Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and seven other soldiers who search during World War II for Private James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon) who has lost his three brothers in combat. Without a doubt, one of the best films in history and, surely, the best war movie of all time. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it won 5 Oscars in 1998 and 7 other nominations.


Genre: Action, Crime.

Duration: 169 minutes

It is the fourth installment of the John Wick saga, starring Keanu Reeves, who returns as the iconic title character. The story begins just after the end of the third installment and takes our favorite avenger to fight in Berlin, Paris, Morocco, Osaka and New York. If you enjoyed the previous installments, this is the best of them all. If not, we offer you a universe of movies perfect for marathoning with dad.


Genre: Action, History, War.

Duration: 144 minutes

A story based on a non-fiction book that narrates the true story of an American mission in Somalia during 1993. With a total of 4 nominations for the 2001 Oscars, the film focuses on American soldiers who must struggle to recover their equilibrium while enduring intense firefighting and bringing food and humanitarian aid to the starving people of Somalia.


Genre: Series, Drama, Crime.

Length: 6 seasons with a total of 86 episodes. Between 45 and 60 minutes each episode.

The plot revolves around the life of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), a mobster who leads a criminal organization operating in New Jersey and New York, who in turn has several family and personal problems that cause him to have weekly visits to the psychologist (Lorraine Bracco), something impossible for the head of the Italian-American Mafia to think about. Critically and audience acclaimed, it’s recognized by many as the best series of all time. Best decision if your dad doesn’t have any series to watch.


Genre: Series, Drama, War.

Duration: 1 season of 10 episodes. Between 50 and 70 minutes each episode.

This TV miniseries is set in World War II and is based on the book by Stephen Ambrose. It was co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, whom we already mentioned in the first recommendation of this list. The action centers on the wartime experiences of Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army. All the characters in the series are based on real people who appear in pre-recorded interviews as prologue to each episode, giving the story a unique tension.

Now it’s your turn, MyFamilier! We invite you to celebrate Father’s Day with any of these contents that your dad will surely love to watch on his day. Leave us in the comments other options to enjoy this celebration. Don’t forget that in our application you have at your disposal a playlist with many more recommendations. 



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